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Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Fri, Dec15, 2017 2:19am America/Phoenix
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Playing spoiler
(Scene opens inside a dimly lit backstage area of the American Airlines Arena in Dallas Texas. There we see, WWX superstar, Willie Steen angrily pacing back and forth. Camera pans in as he slams his fists into his palm and let out an angry growl. As the camera inches in, he opens his mouth and begins to speak)

So Tom Black is getting a shot at the International Championship. Before me. Isn't that sweet? Once again, someone gets an opportunity that I deserved. And did he have to win a tournament, or a gauntlet to get a shot? 

(Steen shakes his head)

Nope. He simply walked out there and accepted an open challenge from Bob Mellon for the International Championship. A challenge that was clearly intended for me, Willie Steen. You see, when a legend like Bob Mellon puts out a challenge like that, he clearly has a big name in mind. Guys with his pedigree don't soil their knees for anyone other than the best. And these days, it's pretty slim pickings around the IT Division. Which is why he opened up the challenge as a way to lure me in, seeing as I'm the only legitimate star he could count on for a quality match. But of course, his ego wouldn't let him come off as desperate, so he made it an “open challenge” in the hopes that I would respond. 

(Slows to a stop)

And I was planning to respond. As a matter of fact, I was on a flight to Dallas so that I could make a formal and public announcement of my acceptance. And right there, on my JetBlue television screen, is Tom Black on a couch somewhere, staking claim to the opportunity that was meant for me. 

(Looks directly into the camera)

I should be facing Bob Mellon at Ravage. Not only did you rob me of my chance at glory, but you robbed Bob Mellon of a quality opponent, you robbed the WWX of a marketable main event, and you robbed all of my fans of the chance to see their wrestling hero become International Champion for the first time in his illustrious career.

(Takes off his sunglasses)

And on top of it all, you have the audacity to think that you can simply shrug me off like I'm a nobody. Like I'm just some tuneup opponent that you can get some reps in off of. Bragging about beating me when you know damn well you never have. Yes, I remember our prior match. And despite what went on after the match, the fact remains that I was the winner. And the records will forever back that up. Those same records will show that I've done a lot of winning around here. Go take a look at my resume. Television Champion, Tag Team Champion, WORLD CHAMPION!! How many World Championships have you won, Tom? Or championships, period? 

(Pauses and then sneers)

That's what I thought. So know you role, and put some respect on my name when you use it. You say it's a maze to the top? Well, that maze just got a little tougher. Because, if I'm not getting my shot at the title . . .

(Steen gets his face directly into the lens of the camera, a menacing scowl spread across)

Then neither are you.

(Steen walks off camera without another word and the scene fades to black.)

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