Plot Twist

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On Wed, Jul05, 2017 2:21pm America/Phoenix
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Plot Twist
[ The camera enters a gym, where they are greeted by one of the trainers ]

Trainer: You guys must be from WWX. He's training in the private room over there.

[ The cameraman walks to the room which the trainer was pointing at. The closer he gets to the door, the louder the sounds of punches become. As he opens the door, an even louder thud echoes out of the room. The door opens and the camera catches Fill taking deep breaths and covered in sweat. The punching bag in front of him is swinging from one direction to another as if it must've been hit very hard ]

Fill: Nice of you to drop by. You might want to stay where you are, there isn't much space in here for you to enter with that camera.

[ Fill points out as the room is very small. All there is in it are a small locker, a chair, a window and a punching bag, and hardly any room to even move. Fill sits on the chair and starts rubbing his foot ]

Fill: I probably should've kicked the punching bag just before you entered, but there has been so much frustration these days that it's hard to keep it in. For such a small amount of time, things have gone back and forth, back and forth, it's crazy, you know? Every champion can understand the risk of holding a title belt. The happy part of it is the moment you win that title, the moment you're handed that belt you can hardly hold that pride, you cannot but smile and raise that title up in the air, just so you can share... or brag about your accomplishment. 

[ He stops rubbing his foot and stays silent for a moment, before he continues with the look of disappointment ]

Fill: That moment however hardly ever lasts long. The moment everyone in the locker room sees who the title holder is, all hell breaks loose and you're thrown into a sea of contenders, some prefer to fight you the honorable way - face to face without any interruptions and the stronger one prevails. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to break every rule to get that title, doesn't matter if it's help from a friend, weapons, low blow, whatever their twisted minds can come up with. 

[ He starts biting his lips and twisting his mouth as if he's eaten a lemon ]

Fill: Speaking of bragging about your accomplishments, that brings me to the reason we're here. Congratulations Blayde Archer, congratulations on you managing to get to the International title not once, but twice. The first time you did what you said you would do, you prevailed and won the title without any assistance from you buddies. You managed to get a draw from that match with Rayne and still managed to beat even him afterwards to show that you are the undisputed International Champion, and you can take my positive words with a grain of salt and choke on them. You want to know why?

[ Fill gets up and starts hitting the punching bag again while still speaking ]

Fill: I'm not sure where to start with the reasons. First you inserted yourself in the title picture without any previous accomplishments, and all to attract everyone's attention. Last week I was blamed for doing what I do to gain more and more popularity, I believe those words came from Dr Death. I'm not sure if you understand where I'm going with this - as wrong as he was, all of those words should've been meant for you Blayde. You won plenty of matches thanks to your club, and tried to gain my attention by "helping" me. You ruined my match with Rayne and you didn't stop bragging about it until you got your chance at the title. You nearly won that title on your own, but Rayne got in your way and you STILL needed your club to fully capture the International Championship. All you have done since then is remind everyone, EVERY...F***ING ONE...

[ Fill yells out those words as he stops hitting the punching bag and takes a few deep breaths ]

Fill: At first I was simply disappointed that I lost that title, since it meant more to me than the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship, I had to get over the fact that my best friend turned his back on me, and then you had to start opening your mouth every day about how many times you've told us and told us that you would win the International Championship. The plot was just between me and Rayne, the problems had turned personal very fast, and all of a sudden the plot twisted with you coming out of nowhere and doing what you do best - brag. You even managed to ruin the title belt with your initials, but what you did last time on Mayhem was enough. Your buddies attacked Rayne before your match and all you had to do was finish him off, of course you couldn't do it. You don't know Rayne enough, he will keep fighting even if it means breaking every bone in his body in the process. I couldn't let you win like that, but Ezra had to run in and help you once again. You made both of us listen to your endless bragging and had to put Rayne through all that punishment, the punishment that I could've done if you hadn't ruined it all. You had to ruin my match and make Rayne bleed in one night, and end the show with even more bragging, enough is enough.

[ Fill looks straight at the camera with evil intentions in his eyes ]

Fill: Bourne didn't allow me to have my rematch for the International Championship, but he gave me another option - since you like making people bleed so much, maybe you can have a taste of your own medicine now. At Mayhem, you will pay for all the damage you caused. Your club won't be able to stop me from making you bleed like you've never bled before. It's a two in one for me, I will cause you bleed and receive my rematch in the process. With or without Rayne, I'll show you how hard it is to run your mouth, and defend that title at the same time. Who knows, once I'm through with you, you might not be able to brag at all.

[ Fill tightens his fists and continues staring at the camera with an angry look as the segment fades to black ]

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