Point taken

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Thu, Dec21, 2017 10:15pm America/Phoenix
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Point taken
(Late on a Wednesday night, Mellon is returning home on a New York City subway back to Brooklyn from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The camera crew that was there with Mellon at the autograph signing in New York, followed Mellon back onto the subway as he had suggested that he wanted to cut a promo. Sitting alone in the car, Mellon grapples with what will be his toughest challenge to date. Syndicate mentioned him in his promo from earlier that evening and made some very pointed remarks. Mellon, so focused on the title defense coming up at Holiday Hell is having difficulty still understanding the purpose of his upcoming bout with Syndicate but nevertheless continues to press on. The International Champion is seen with his head in his hands, leaning forward, thinking very hard as the camera begins to roll)

Mellon: Syndy, Syndy, Syndy, Syndy... Point made loud and clear. I understand all too well now. You've had a remarkable 2017 going nearly undefeated. You've achieved glory five different times. Xander is the superior opponent. So many things that I am so incredibly uninterested in arguing about. The fact of the matter here is that you have a job to do this weekend and that is to stay on top of the heap. How can I even blame you? Because being the World Champion requires you to be viewed a certain way. How would a solid, yet less than adequate opponent such as myself, ever be able to keep up with possibly the greatest World Champion in the history of the WWX. The legend killer himself. I surely must be a fool to accept this booking, right? 

(Mellon lifts his head and gazes out the subway window as the lights continue to fly on by)

Mellon: The Beast was champion for three months and then disappeared. Preferring a life of peace and tranquility. A life that no longer required him to fight. Three months of title defense after title defense after title defense. Surely even I know that doesn't compare to years of service and dedication to one's sport like your previous opponents have put together. I do challenge you to look at one minor, minuscule point. Take for instance then and now. Then, I had a great run and was on top of the sport. Now, I'm having a great run and am working my way back to the top of the sport. Little has changed in my work ethic and my in-ring approach. Within three months I achieved a quick ascent to the top of the International division. Now I'm hot on your tail. There is no glitz and glamor with me. All there is is me. Just a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain. From the moment I won this title, I have made it painfully clear that it doesn't mean anything to me. You must know that I am not here for any other reason than to take down every man that comes my way. That scares a lot of people. I know it doesn't scare you. You're doing just fine. You don't have to worry about me one bit. This non-title match is just an exhibition. 

(Mellon stands up and walks over to the pole and leans against on the subway car)

Mellon: Syndy, we are very much alike. We're two men that are not afraid of a challenge. Two men that keep moving forward and never look back. We take pride in our work but most of all we excel when the odds are against us. I am more than aware that I am the underdog in this fight. I am the man that you should beat. You're the World Champion after all. How could the World Champion lose to the International Champion. It would be awfully comical, wouldn't it? So beat me. Beat me to within an inch of my life. Do what you think you need to do to keep me down. Why do I say that? Because that is literally what it will take for you to win this match on Saturday in El Paso. You will leave that match, that arena a different man, win or lose. I know it and there is a part of me that thinks you know it too. I am not only the International Champion. I'm the disease that ends the 'syndication'. 

(Chuckles to himself as the train approaches his stop)

Mellon:  It'll be a slow decline and it won't always require a win or a loss to achieve the goal. Remember that. Let that sink in. I like you, Syndy. Never had a problem with you. Never wanted to get in your way. I appreciate you. I respect you. But I donít have to consider your future. You know as well as anyone else that the mark of a great champion is not how many times one regains the title, but what kind of champion they are when they have the title. Which kind are you? I know what kind I am... 

(Mellon smirks, and walks off the train. Scene fades)

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