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On Fri, Mar23, 2018 10:01am America/Phoenix
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*The blare of crackling static fills the screen before transitioning to a shot of a dark, quiet trail.  The gravel trail winds through a dense forest, and the only light that illuminates the area is coming from straight above as if the sun was shining a spotlight into the dark.*


*A small crunching sound can be heard from a distance as someone - or something - walks on the gravel.  As the crunching gets louder, the camera's microphone begins to pick up the sound of a person whistling to themselves.  Suddenly, both the whistling and the crunching stop.*

???: Fancy seeing you here.

*The camera swivels around to reveal the profile of the Los Angeles Outlaw, Syndicate.  The five-time World Champion is dressed in a gray Tapout muscle shirt, blue jeans, metal right knee brace, and black Nike sneakers.  The World Tag Team Championship sits on his left shoulder with the center plate reflecting Syndicate's trademark confident smile.*

Syndicate: Come on.  Let's go for a walk.

*Syndicate turns around and begins to walk down the trail, motioning for the camera to follow as he moves.*

Syndicate: Poison.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, "poison" is defined as "a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed".  I define it...as Tommy Lipton.  A man that has been around here for a long time - trust me, he'll tell you about it if you ask him - and has been directly contributing to the decline of the WWX for the past few years.  Currently, Tommy sits as the Undisputed World Champion.  He's - quite literally - on top of the world, and with his buddy Blade by his side, there's nothing that man can do wrong, right?  Right???

*The Outlaw chuckles as he continues to slowly meander down the trail.*

Syndicate: Wrong.  Look closer.  Look at what has gone wrong since Tommy became champion.  Ravage has switched to a bi-weekly schedule.  Rex McAllister, a prominent member of the main-event scene, has seemingly vanished.  Super Bacon and Tanno Waters are actually getting airtime now.  And what was the catalyst to all of this?  Tommy Lipton winning the World title at Aftershock.

Syndicate: Remember how I called Tommy the "poison" of the WWX?  I wasn't kidding.  Everything the man touches turns to shit.  He comes into Big Time Agency, a dominant faction if I've ever seen one, and ruins it for his own selfish gain.  He forms a tag team with Rex and the two rule over the tag division for quite a few months...but then, he had to go and |BLEEP| it all up, as usual.  This is not just a trail of coincidences, folks; this is a PATTERN of destruction that has followed Tommy Lipton, the POISON of the WWX, for years.  Now, the poison is starting to reach the company itself, and if someone doesn't stop it...the WWX is going to burn to the |BLEEP|ing ground.

*He smirks.*

Syndicate: Enter me.  You see, I believe that there is an antidote.  A way to stop the WWX from being completely and utterly destroyed.  More importantly, I believe that the antidote...hails from Los Angeles, California.  A place where you hunt or be hunted, a place where there's no such thing as excuses.  For the past five years, I've been systematically bringing Tommy Lipton down, whether he's noticed it or not.  From day |BLEEP|ing one, when I pulled off one of the greatest upsets in WWX history by pinning his ass in my DEBUT, to when I ruined his pathetic little plan to win the 2016 World Series, to Hall of Pain 2018 when I FINALLY got my "Hall of Pain moment".  These glimpses in time may mean nothing to Tommy |BLEEP|in' Lipton, so let me spell it out for him.  From the MOMENT I signed my contract with the WWX in 2013, I've had Tommy Lipton's number.  I've been working against him for my entire career.  And now, I get the opportunity to continue that trend and end his "Championship Tour" before it even gets off the ground.

*Birds chirp in the background as Syndicate walks.*

Syndicate: And yet...even after all that, even after all that I've accomplished in just five short years...Tommy Lipton still dares to call me a "spoiled brat".  He dares to say that because he faced such men as The Lost Soul, DGS, and Rex McAllister, he is a superior wrestler.  The funny thing is...I've beaten those men, too.  I've put myself on a pedestal above those men due to hard work and perseverance.  Simply put, Tommy, when others give up, when others decide that it's time to throw in the towel...I'll still be standing.  I'll still be ready to fight with maximum energy and maximum heart.  That's what sets me apart from the rest, Tommy.  That is what will put me in the Hall of Fame after I retire.  I dont care if this match puts me in the ER, I don't care if I tear every ligament in my knee, hell, I don't care if I have to AMPUTATE my leg, I will fight and I will WIN.

Syndicate: That World Championship that you've been parading around with belongs to ME.  I'M the one that survived the House of Horrors match.  I'M the one that beat Kurtis Ray, Rayne, and Darkness inside Hell in a Cell.  I'M the one that's accomplished more in the past year ALONE than most men accomplish in their careers.  I call this the "Era of Syndicate" because that's EXACTLY what it is.  I have been at the TOP of the WWX for well over a year-and-a-half now, and while some may momentarily take the spotlight, I'm ALWAYS there to take it right back by ANY means necessary.  Even though Xavier took my World title at Holiday Hell, I'm already right back at the top with an opportunity to regain the gold.  I am ENDURING, Tommy.  I CAN'T and WON'T be pushed aside.  And, more importantly, I WILL take back the Undisputed World title, whether you like it or not.

*Syndicate suddenly stops moving as he looks down at a grouping of plants that sits next to the trail.  He crouches down next to them, motioning for the camera to zoom in.*

Syndicate: Poison ivy.  Something that seems harmless at first glance...but can cause more damage than you realize if you let it get too close.  Tommy Lipton...you truly are the poison ruining this great organization...and I'm gonna be the one to take you out.

*Standing back up straight, Syndicate uses his uninjured left leg to violently stomp on the ivy, crushing it under his Nikes.*

Syndicate: Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*Smiling, Syndicate continues to walk down the trail as the camera zooms in on the now-ruined poison ivy.  Soon after, the feed is taken over by static.*



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