Pool Halls and Cowards

Roleplay Roleplay by JESTER
On Tue, Aug22, 2017 3:20pm America/Phoenix
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Pool Halls and Cowards
The camera opens outside Pockets Billiards & Brew in downtown San Diego.  The camera pushes through the front door to show a large open room filled with lines of pool tables aligned in alternating directions.  A bar adorns the back wall being expertly ran by a pair of beautiful female bartenders.  The camera pans around the roughly half filled room until it spots Jester sitting at a tall round table wearing a light grey WWX t-shirt and dark grey jeans.  He's nursing a drink next to a pool table that he has claimed for personal use.

The camera nears Jester just as a large smile stretches across his face and he practically leaps from his chair, his eyes fixed on something near the front of the room.  The camera swings around in time to catch Fill entering the front door dressed in a black Slipknot t-shirt with black jeans.  

Jester waves him back towards their table.  The two old friends exchange a massive hug.  Jester motions to the waiter to bring over more drinks as the two men take their seats at the table.

Jester - “Its been a long time buddy!”

Fill - “Way to long.  I tried several times to get in touch with you over the past two years but I never had any luck.”

Jester - “I'm sorry about that but I really wasn't in a position where I could talk to anyone.  You've always been very understanding about the things from my past that I can't talk about, but I feel terrible about the way I had to leave the WWX.  Especially the way I abandoned you, but I promise  that I took care of everything that was unfinished and I'll never let you down again.”

Fill - “I don't know exactly what you use to do but I know it was important and you wouldn't have left if you'd had any other choice.  You were the first person to reach out to me in the WWX.  You helped me improve, watched my back, and was always a loyal friend.  We're good.  I'm just glad to have you back in the WWX where you belong.”

Jester - “I appreciate it Fill.  Now, let's get the business out of the way.  I'd like to have you ringside to watch my back for my match against Dr. Death.  We have our enemies in WWX and I don't want any surprises in my comeback match.”

Fill - “If you want me ringside then I'm there.  I will always have your back, you know that.”  

Jester - “Thanks Fill.  I don't want to bother Korath or Rayne because they have their own matches to worry about, but it goes without saying that we have their backs if they need it as well.” 

Fill - “No doubt.  You just worry about Dr. Death, I'll be keeping my eye on all of the WWC members.”

Jester - “Speaking of Dr. Death, I've had a hard time finding any recent information about him.  You've been in the ring with him.  What can you tell  me about him?”

Fill - “What can I tell you about Dr. Death?  He's already proven he's done everything wrong.  He ended up a false leader to a failed group.  He wanted to conquer the Blade Club along with his dark buddies Tom Black and Bishop Polaris.  Instead, they ended up losing their tag team titles to the Blade Club.  Now, awhile back, Dr. Death actually managed to beat me one on one.  He had all the momentum he needed to get both his chance at the International title and get his shot at the leader of Blade Club, Blayde Archer himself.  Everything he had been preaching about accomplishing in the WWX was right in his grasp, but the pressure of it all was just to much for him.  Instead of taking advantage of his situation and fulfilling all the promises he had made, he ended up falling into silence and shriveling like a coward.  It would make my day if you ran him out of the WWX for good.  It wouldn't be the first time you eliminated someone from the WWX roster.”

Jester turns and stares deep into the camera.

Jester - “Are you out there Doc?  Can you hear me?  Are you paying attention?  There's nothing I hate more than a coward.  Is that what you are Doc?  Did you realize that you didn't have the talent to compete against the top level stars so you just went into hiding?”

Jester shakes his head back and forth once with a scowl affixed to his face.

Jester - “No, I don't think that's it at all.  I think you caught a glimpse of what it's like at the top of the mountain in the WWX.  You saw exactly what it takes to compete night after night at the highest level of this profession and you realized that you don't have the heart to do it.  You aren't willing to make the sacrifices that are required.  To go out there and leave your blood in the ring.  To fight with broken bones and torn ligaments.  To accept pain as part of the job and learn to use it as motivation.  These are all things that I have done.  Lessons that I've learned the hard way.  And it's what separates the champions from the pretenders.  It's what separates me from you.  Do me one favor Doc, when Friday comes around you make sure that you're in San Diego.  Gather up whatever small scraps of courage you have left and show up for Fury.  You'll find me there waiting for you.  And once I finish destroying you, in every possibly conceivable way, I will lock The Killing Joke in nice and tight and every person watching across the world will see you meekly tap out.  Then I will move on to bigger and better things, and never think of you again.”

Jester’s expression instantly returns to one of pleasure as he motions for the waiter to bring another round and turns back to Fill.

Jester - “Well, that takes care of the business portion of the night.” 

Fill - “There are a lot of new faces on the WWX roster since the last time you were here.  You want me to go over what I know about them with you?”

Jester - “No, I'll just worry about that if it becomes necessary.  I do want to talk to you about Rayne and Korath sometime because you know them a lot better than I do, but that's for another night.”

Fill - “Okay, I have to ask.  You never do anything without a reason, so why are we at a pool hall?”

Jester - “Because, you worry to much.  You're always stressed out.  You need to learn to live a little.  Enjoy yourself, have some fun!”

Fill rolls his eyes.

Jester - “Don't you roll your eyes at me!  You do know how to play pool don't you?”

Fill - “Yes, I'm familiar with the game.”

Jester - “Alright, now we're talking!  Why don't you go grab two more drinks while I ask those two lovely young ladies if they'd care to join us.”

Fill - “I learned a long time ago that it's pointless to argue with you.”

Jester - “Damn right it is!  Now go grab those drinks.”

The camera fades to black. 

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