Poor schedules, demons, and jet lag

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Fri, Jun30, 2017 5:32pm America/Phoenix
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Poor schedules, demons, and jet lag
The camera opens to the inside of a hotel room. A beautiful view of the Tokyo skyline looms outside the window, Megan Devine walking past the camera, talking on her cellphone. She walks back and forth, clearly impatient.

Megan: Yes...yes, I understand. We'll make sure to be there in time. Yes, thank you.

Megan places her cellphone at a nearby table, and walks up to the bed, to find Jake Devine sprawled face first on the sheets. She places her hand on Jake's shoulder and gently shakes him.

Megan: Sweetie...wake up.

Jake lets out a muffled sound.

Megan: I can't hear you.

Jake: I said I'm really tired after Ravage. What is it?

Megan: Sweetie, we need to go to the airport. You need to be in Louisville in 48 hours. 

Jake lets out a loud grunt, sitting up. He places his right hand to his temple, and then rubs his sore right shoulder.

Jake: Really, who the hell came up with this schedule? From London, to Tokyo, and now I need to fly to Lousiville for Mayhem. *sigh* Well, doesn't matter. A show is a show. There's no jet lag that can stop me. And there is no opponent that can stop me from my hot streak. Speaking of which...

Jake stands up from the bed, yawning. He walks up to the dresser, taking his sunglasses and his coat. Jake puts on his sunglasses and poses for the camera.

Jake: That's better. Hex Girl and I will meet for the first time. From what I've seen of her...she's a god damn demon. One of the most intense wrestlers I've ever seen with my own eyes. Really unpredictable and bloody. I think she could be insane. I respect that. After all, there's a reason you're the current Television champion. Hopefully we can put out a great match for everybody to see! However keep in mind one thing. You're just another stepping stone for me. I'd rather be fighting for the World championship than going back down to the Television division. I will prove my superiority. It's a must on my crusade. I will do one thing for you, though. I promise to go all out and let you taste what the King can do. Hex Girl, see you at Mayhem. Let's show everybody what we're both capable of.

Jake opens the door and gestures for Megan. She plants a kiss on his lips, and they both leave the hotel room. The camera fades to black.

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