Positive thought

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Fri, Jul28, 2017 11:54pm America/Phoenix
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Positive thought
(Scene opens backstage at Madison Square Garden, minutes before the start of Friday Night Fury. Camera catches up to WWX superstar, Willie Steen, stretching and jogging in the hall near the locker rooms, with a pair of Beats headphones on his head. The camera gets up close to Steen.)

Cameraman: Excuse me, Willie.

(Steen turns around to the camera and takes off his headphones.)

Cameraman: Willie, big match tonight. Major implications on the championship picture. How confident are you going into a match like this? 

Steen: Confident? How confident am I that Iím going to win? Iím not confident. Iím positive that Iím going to win tonight. I am guaranteeing that I will win tonight. Iíve worked harder for it, Iíve worked longer for it, and quite frankly, I deserve it. More than anyone else in this match. 

(Steen shakes his head)

Steen: You know, Krimzon Blaze and Darkness may be living legends in this company. Iíll give them that. But the fact is, while they were sitting at home collecting social security checks, Iíve been the one carrying the banner for company the last few years. As for Kurtis Ray and Westport, those two punks are lucky to even be mentioned in the same breath, let alone match, as the three of us. And now, after everything that I have done to singlehandedly keep this company alive, these doorknobsa wanna come and finesse their way back into the championship opportunity that I created. I donít think so. And I don't care if it's barbed wire, trip wires or LimeWire. I'm gonna tear the flesh off of every single one of those losers and earn my shot at the Undisputed Championship. This is my time. Iíve waited long enough and now itís time for me to get mine. 

(Steen puts his headphones back on)

Steen: Now if youíll excuse me.

(Steen turns and starts jogging down the hall. Scene fades to black)

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