Post-match Interview

Roleplay Roleplay by TANNO WATERS
On Mon, Feb19, 2018 5:12pm America/Phoenix
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Post-match Interview

BONN: Here is your winner of the Crusade Cup 2018... Jake Devine!

[The crowd goes wild over the win as "What Went Down" by Foals plays.]

LANE: I can't believe it! Jake Devine is headed for the World Title!

HART: Syndicate fought more than anyone could've reasonably expected him to with that knee. Jake Devine may have won the Cup, but Syndicate shares the spotlight tonight just for how much heart he showed.

[Jake Devine helps paramedics get into the ring and checks on Syndicate.]

HART: Jake Devine helping Syndicate out, some true sportsmanship on display here. I'm now getting word that the celebration ceremony will take place at the next Ravage, as the ring is currently occupied.

[We fade to the backstage area, where Leon Jones is standing with a microphone.]

JONES: An absolutely terrific victory here tonight for Jake Devine and I'm definitely looking forward to the celebration. For now, please welcome my guest at this time, Tanno Waters.

[The camera zooms out to reveal Tanno Waters standing next to Leon, wearing jeans and a black zipped hoodie.]

JONES: Mr. Waters, you and Jake Devine have been at odds for over a year now. You of course weren't allowed to participate in the finals after no-showing your first Crusade Cup match. How does this display make you feel?

[Tanno inhales and slowly looks around. He turns his gaze and body to Jones. Out of nowhere, he snaps and pushes Jones against the wall, his forearm on Jones' throat.]

TANNO: You got a death wish, Leon? Huh, do you?

JONES: N-no sir, of course not.

TANNO: Listen to me, you goatee-sporting son of a bitch. I've paid my dues in this company, while Jake is only where he is because he kissed the right asses. Now James Ranger may have banned me from ringside for tonight, which prevented me from exerting true and proper justice upon his shitty little ass, but I'll be back. I'll be there in his nightmares. I'll be there in his dreams. Wherever he goes, I'll be there. I'm fast. I'm quick. I'm the greatest.

[Tanno lets out a weird short cackle.]

TANNO: I will make him pay. Jake Devine doesn't deserve this. He will never deserve this. And soon, he will find out exactly why he should've laid down for Syndicate when he had the goddamn chance. But since I can reach him right now, I guess you will do.

[Tanno raises his fist to punch Leon Jones, but Emily Waters comes in from behind.]

EMILY: Tanno, Tanno, calm down. Shh. It's alright. You'll get your chance.

[Tanno lowers his fist and throws Jones against a waste bin before storming off.]

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