Post-Ravage Press Conference

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On Thu, May10, 2018 8:42am America/Phoenix
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Post-Ravage Press Conference

V/O: The following is a special presentation of  Any other use of this telecast without the express written consent of the World Wrestling eXistence is prohibited.

*The WWX logo flashes on-screen, transitioning into a shot backstage at the Air Canada Centre.  Here, a makeshift press conference area has been set up, with rows of reporters sitting in front of a wooden podium featuring a WWX logo on its front, next to which is a small table with  two bottles of water sitting on top of it.  Behind the podium, a dark purple curtain - matching the color in the WWX logo - has been hung.  The reporters begin to stir with excitement as Syndicate, the World Wrestling Champion, walks in from off-camera left and steps behind the podium.  He is wearing a black WWX hoodie, blue jeans, and is holding the prestigious WWX World Wrestling Championship on his left shoulder.  Adjusting the microphone to his height, he looks out at the reporters and speaks.*

Syndicate: First off, thank you all for attending on such short notice.  Donuts and coffee will be provided after we are done here tonight.  I would like to start out this press conference with a statement.

*He clears his throat.*

Syndicate: Tonight, the despicable, selfish actions of the WWX general manager, Tommy Lipton, ruined the end of what was sure to be a fantastic main event.  Because of Mr. Lipton's involvement, not only was Rex McAllister was added as a partial and biased guest referee, but Mr. Lipton's direct involvement cost both Korath and I a definitive win.  This goes directly against what the WWX should be: a fair, unbiased place to have an athletic competition in a sport such as professional wrestling.  After one week of Tommy Lipton's stint as general manager, I am calling for his resignation and immediate retirement.

*Some of the reporters in the room gasp.*

Syndicate: In one week, he has caused just as much - if not more - chaos as James Ranger, and this needs to be stopped before it gets out of hand.  Tommy Lipton is a partisan general manager that rewards his favorites and punishes his enemies.  He holds grudges, he doesn't know when to go away, and he loves to ruin this company bit by bit.  I did my part by ending his in-ring career at Armada, but it's clear that the poison that has been affecting this company for well over a decade is still present in its veins.  For the good of the World Wrestling eXistence...I want that poison gone for good.

*Syndicate pauses, letting his words sink in.*

Syndicate: I now open the floor for questions.

*As a reporter in the middle of the crowd stands, Syndicate takes a swig from one of the water bottles sitting next to him.*

Reporter: Chris Mueller, Bleacher Report.  Do you believe that this rivalry you have with Tommy Lipton will ever be resolved?

*Syndicate, after taking a moment to formulate his answer, responds.*

Syndicate: First, I would like to say that right now, I am not fighting against Tommy Lipton just because we personally don't get along.  I truly believe that Mr. Lipton is going to destroy the WWX from the inside out, and I think it's my job to stop that before too much damage is done.  As for if this issue between Lipton and I will ever be resolved?  I think it can be.  I think it's quite possible for him to retire for good, leave the WWX, and let everyone go about their business without a tyrant breathing down their necks.  Next question?

*Another reporter stands up.*

Reporter: Mike Johnson,  Considering Tommy Lipton's in-ring career is over, what is your plan for fighting him if you can't fight him in the ring?

Syndicate: No offense, but isn't it obvious?  Every decision that he makes, I will stand against it.  Every time he tries to screw me out of my World Championship, I'll foil his plans.  I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that his will is not enacted and that he has effectively no power.  And once that happens...he will have no choice to resign because he'll have absolutely nothing left to give.

*A third reporter raises his hand.*

Reporter: Aaron Rift,  For next week's episode of Ravage, Tommy Lipton has booked a match between you and Rex McAllister with Korath as the special guest enforcer.  What are your thoughts on this matchup with the Rex Master?

*Syndicate takes another sip of his water before responding.*

Syndicate: Rex McAllister is an...interesting man.  Both Rex and I are considered the best wrestlers in the WWX, as far as I'm concerned, but for some reason, we've never really had an opportunity to fight each other one-on-one.  Why is that?  Maybe the general managers have been saving the "money match" for something like Hall of Pain and just haven't booked us together.  Maybe we've both been busy with other rivalries.  Or maybe...because everyone already knew what the result would be.

*A smile appears on the champion's lips.*

Syndicate: Let's be frank, here: since 2016, when Rex was the World Champion for both the first and last time, Rex just hasn't been the unbeatable wrestler he makes himself out to be.  With the exception of a few Tag Team Championship reigns with Lipton last year, he's just been floating around, drifting from feud to feud without much purpose.  Sure, he's received opportunities at the World title, but they've never fallen his way.

*He looks down at the podium, chuckling.*

Syndicate: You know, back when he was the champ, back when Rex McAllister was at the top of the mountain, he made himself out to be the literal reincarnation of Jesus Christ.  He was "The Rex Master", after all!  Who could beat him?  Well, that all changed in fall 2016, when he first  Syndey Maxwell Irvine, a scrappy kid hailing from Los Angeles, California.  And Rex...he just hasn't been the same since.  With me involved, he's lost numerous World Championship matches, he's been kept out of the spotlight, and most importantly, he hasn't held the top prize in this sport.  Just like I've paraded past Korath, I have eclipsed Rex McAllister in every possible category.  I have done things that will never be done again, not by Rex or Korath or anybody else.  I am the best wrestler alive today, and my accomplishments in the ring have proven that without a doubt.

*The Los Angeles Outlaw pauses, considering something.*

Syndicate: But yet...I'm willing to bet that Rex McAllister is going to post a video on saying the exact opposite.  Rex wants to paint the revisionist history that he's been "biding his time" and "waiting for his time to strike"...but we all know the truth.  Rex McAllister, regardless of what he wants to say about himself, has been on a career downtrend since losing the World title at Hall of Pain 2016, and that spiral isn't going to stop come Ravage.  Rex is going to be facing a primed, passionate, HEALTHY six-time World Wrestling Champion, and I'm sorry, but that's just not going to end well for him.  So if Rex McAllister, with his infinite wisdom, wants to come at me with all he's got, then fine...but whether it's this week on Ravage, in a steel cage at Bloodshed, or at any other point down the line, his best just isn't...good...enough.  And with that, this press conference is over.  Please direct any further questions to my agent.

*Syndicate, with the World Championship in tow, walks off the makeshift stage as the WWX logo flashes on-screen.*

V/O: This has been a special presentation of

*The logo slowly fades to black.*

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