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On Thu, Jun29, 2017 10:28pm America/Phoenix
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[The scene is set in LG offices, just outside of Atlanta. Through the half drawn shades of the office Cam Westport can be seen sitting across a desk from his agent Lamar Graham. LG is presenting Cam with several papers, briefing him on contracts. The camera cuts to being inside the office where Cam is closely studying each paper and LG explains them.]

LG “Don’t worry big guy, that World title shot is all yours, they can’t take that away. All you’ve gotta do is stick a W on the Champ and you’re golden.”

Cam “Last time Syndicate got off easy, slipping away after Kurtis Ray ditched me. This time, I’ve got him one on one. No bailing partner, no distractions. Just me, with the champ. I can see the poster of it now! Me, the franchise, Cam Westport standing across the ring from the Los Angeles Outlaw in a moment that defined the passing of the torch, the future of the WWX.”

LG “And where is Krimzon Blaze in this poster?”

[Both burst into laughter. Having a good giggle before refocusing on the stack of papers that sit between them. LG hands Cam a pen pointing at the bottom of the contract.]

LG “That line is for the stipulation of Syndicate.”

Cam “Consider him pinned. I’m too hungry to not wrap him up.”

[Cam signs and both men sigh. The look at each other pleased. In a moment of silent brotherhood they slap hands and bubble with excitement.]

LG “My boy! Cameron Westport has finally landed the spot he so truly deserves. A world championship match is insight and you are hungry. Time for the Franchise to get fed! Years and years of athletic dedication, tormented superstars getting dropped on their dome pieces and put down for 3, and now Cam Westport, world champion. I can see it all my brother. First you gonna start with tossing Blaze like you did last week, then pinning Syndicate right square, up in the middle of that ring. Then next week you’ll slap up Syndicate again and take the world title home and whammo! Face of the company, the FRANCHSIE Cam Westport!”

[Cam has pleased with his hype is grinning from ear to ear with his hate worthy style of arrogance.  Cackling to himself he takes it all in.]

Cam “I’ve said it time and time again, I just need my chance and here it is. A World title shot is in frame and rapidly approaching. This time, unlike the last 5 or so matches the referees will count a pinfall decisively. No reaching for the ropes, no missed 3rd count, no confusion. I will finally get a clean finish, no dust to settle.”

LG “Unstoppable”
Cam “Unlimited”
LG “Unprecedented”
Cam “Champion”

[Smiles run across both of their faces and the camera back out of the office.]

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