Pre-Aftershock Post Update (OOC)

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On Sun, Feb11, 2018 11:49am America/Phoenix
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Pre-Aftershock Post Update (OOC)
Here's some heads up for what's to come:

1. Booking Updates:

I will need the handlers of the following people to reach me for booking and storyline purposes. This meant to get you the rolling for you and provide a direction to get you up to the next level:

Super Bacon
Tom Black
Alexander Hawke
West Virginia Mountaineer 
Damian Price
Damian Hendrix
Jarvis Valentine
Adam Danger
Jake Devine
Tanno Waters
Willie Steen
Kendra Haze

All of you need to reach me so i can get a proper reading for where and how to book you. Reach me at

2. Championships

Will be discussed after Aftershock.

3. Schedule

We will be switching back to biweekly until we get a steady flow of active members on the roster and i have a writing staff onhand available. Be sure to check the changes to the schedule as they happen each week.

4. New Arrivals

Be sure to get in touch with me at if you posted a promo this week or last week.




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