Pre match interview with The Blade Club

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Fri, Jun09, 2017 6:18pm America/Phoenix
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Pre match interview with The Blade Club
[The scene opens up in the locker room area of the sold-out Allstate Arena in Richmond, Virginia where fans get a simple taste of things to come. This particular house show is showing off both local talent and superstars alike as Ravage and Outrage approaches. You can already feel the excitement in the air as yet another match comes to its completion. The happy local smiles for the fans, making his way back up the ramp and through the curtains. Cameras follow and finally, Terry "TJ" Jackson appears standing by with the three men of the Blade Club – those men are none other than the Juggernaut, "JUMBO" Justice Johnston, the Hebrew Hitman, Ezra Zion and the American Native, Blayde archer. The cocky leader has a smug look on his face, leather jacket on his back, Johnston and Zion at his side. The local talent takes a step back, not wanting to mess with the Blade Club.  Archer sneers, letting the young star move on in peace.]

Terry Jackson: Well here we are, just a little over 24 hours away from yet another exciting WWX event and what an exciting card we have lined up for Mayhem.  The International Championship headlining the main event with the former champion Lu'Andre Xavier looking to dethrone the current reigning, defending guardian of the throne in Fill. We will also see fan favorite, Krimson Blaze battle Giant Khoklov in the first ever encounter between these two athletes as well as the CAMCHISE Cameron Westport going one on one with the Silent Assassin, Rayne in what many fans consider to be a dream match.. and two of these three men standing by my side will soon be on the team of Pure Darkness. The question is, which two will it be?

-Blayde Archer slides his tongue across his teeth, stretching out his neck from side to side.-

Not bad, bro, but you forgot that part about The Blade Club being your FUTURE Tag Team Champions. But that’s okay. We forgive you. 

-Flips his collar.-

Terry Jackson: Don’t you think that you’re getting a little ahead of yourself there, Blayde?. After all, your team will be stepping into the ring with two men who have seemingly been making a name for themselves here in WWX as two violent competitors and look more than capable of putting on a big hurt on anyone that gets into the ring with them. Bishop Polaris is a talent in the sport, having traveled throughout numerous countries as he gains world-wide recognition. And then there’s the Giant Beast known simple as Tom Black., A name that has become a staple in every wrestling fans’ list of guys to beat -


Let me stop you right there, TJ. I mean, come on, man. The people watching out there in Internet-land? They know who we are. The Blade Club is on everybody's mind and ever since we stepped into World  Wrestling eXistance, all eyes have been on us, right where we want them to be. The good people have been getting their weekly FILL of the single hottest commodity in recent wrestling history. I can see your lips about to move so let me stop you right there. The Blade Club are talking, and when the Blade Club talks, you shut your mouth and listen, comprende? See, while others like Tom Black or even that  sawed off slob Bishop Polaris are still running round an' round doin' their little mouse dance, scratching and biting until somebody finally hears their pathetic yelp for a shot at competition? We won't stop until the Blade Club is swimming in gold. 

What, you forget how the world works, TJ? It ain't about what you do or even about who you are because let's face it, it's about what you can draw and we're not talking about cartoons, brother!. It's about the merchandise. It's about the magazine covers, bro. It's about driving the fastest cars, wearing the finest clothes and bangin' the hottest babes. Sound familiar? Because it should. It's the American Dream and the Blade Club are living it up like the rock stars we are, because our stock is constantly on the rise, soaring like an eagle to greater heights.. and when you are championship material? Wheelin' and Dealin' comes with the territory.

Now, I know what yer thinkin' - that I have an ego, that I'm cocky, that I'm arrogant. But let's face it, TJ. We give the people exactly what they want. Our opponents though? Not so much. You think the world wants to sit back and watch Tom Black and Bishop Polaris banter on with bad jokes back and forth while doing a quick walk thru the gym. Save the drama for the day-time television, huh? This is prime-time now, TJ and for all of Pure Darkness' wrestling prowess, for all their history, for all their talk about putting one over on The Blade Club... It is all wishful thinking. A pipe Dream.

Polaris and Black are tough as nails but the Blade Club? We are the hammers that will knock their dicks in the dirt and crush your hopes of success. You two just might turn out to be something here. Just not on this night. Point here, is that these molds of clay have potential but can't seal the deal. Pure Darkness doesn't have what it takes to come through and win the big one when it matters but it isn't because they can't go. Everyone should know by now that BOTH Polaris and Black can go both in that ring and out. Thing is, Polaris' butthole puckers up when he gets within inches of embracing the fruit of his hard work. And just like that, he lets the opportunity slide between his fingers. The Blade Club? Are all about grabbing that brass ring. We'll have no hang-ups, no regrets, when we once again do what it takes to walk out as what the Blade Club are, Winners!  But you know what's the problem with people like you, TJ? 

-Terry Jackson shrugs and stares at Blayde Archer as he adjusts his tie-

You look at guys like me, like Justice Johnston, Ezra Zion. Hell even guys like Kurtis Ray and you think that we're scum or something. We're not scum. We're just ahead of the curb. Not dragging behind it, like say, oh, Polaris and Black who can barely put one foot in front of another most of the time. 

-He looks into the camera now, his attention focused on the team of Pure Darkness.-

-BLADE- Tom Black is living in another planet, let alone another decade. Now, don't get me wrong. The Club, quite obviously, isn't sweatin' you. Me on the other hand, I'll be watching you closely. Mayhem is going to be a reality check for you, Polaris and Black. 

-Blayde Archer sneers while smacking TJ lightly on the cheek. Terry Jackson takes exception but just as he’s about to start complaining, Blade raises a finger.-

What did I tell you about keeping it shut while I’m talking, huh? Now you listen up. While Bishop Polaris may think he's the truth, and Black the nightmare... The Blade Club is the reality of what Wrestling is all about. What it's always been about. What it will always be about. The Blade Club are ratings. The Blade Club is money. The blade Club is power. And after Mayhem? We will one step closer to Championship gold!

-He pulls out his shades as he starts making his leave. He looks back, over his shoulder and at TJ -

Good interview, bro. We'll do again sometime, maybe.. Just don't talk so much next time, And don't forget next time: FUTURE Tag Team Champions. 

-Blayde Archer smiles to himself as he slides the shades on, then walks out of view with his Blade Club Brothers, leaving a speechless Terry Jackson alone holding the microphone as the scene fades to black.-

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