Preparing for battle

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Thu, Mar29, 2018 9:42pm America/Phoenix
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Preparing for battle
A shot of the Seattle skyline fades to a street level view. The camera moves along the street approaching a sign that declares the storefront to be a gym but the music blaring from inside makes it sound more like a nightclub. The door is standing wide open. Several people are standing around the gym's practice ring. The floor is littered with discarded cans and bottles. Inside the ring is Hex Girl facing off against a tall, burly man. The man has a bloodied nose and has several red marks that are sure to darken into bruises very shortly. Hex is grinning as she sets herself up in the corner. The man stumbles over to  the opposite corner where he is given a shot of liquor. The crowd is shouting encouragement to the combatants. The man downs the shot and comes barreling out of the corner. Hex darts forward at the last second sliding on her knees with her fist raised. The man seeing the danger tries to stop himself is unable to counter his own momentum running headlong impaling his groin onto her fist. The man gasps for air as his eyes and knees cross. He falls face first into the mat. Hex stands up and looks down at her opponent. She raises her fist and the crowd goes wild. The cameraman pushes his way to the crowd to make it to ringside. Hex Girl notices the camera and comes over she crouches low getting 'nose to nose' with the camera. 

"Enjoy your cruise, your drinks and your fiance. I'll be offering up a few more sacrifices while I wait each one is giving me some fun ideas as to what I can do to you in the ring."

The camera backs off as the man with the bloody nose is pulled out of the ring and a new challenger steps in.

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