Press Conference Pt 2

Roleplay Roleplay by TERRY JACKSON
On Mon, Dec16, 2013 1:00pm America/Phoenix
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Press Conference Pt 2
OOC: Lu'Andre Xavier used with permission

The masked man walks into the room wearing a long black cloak. Journalists and cameramen try to get a close up of his face but to no avail.

JOURNALIST 1: Excuse me sir, rumors are circulating throughout the WWX that you may be the iconic Xavier Pendragon teaming up with Dre here at Fury. Care to comment on that?

???: Why are you so fasicinated with trying to find out who Dre's partner is. The only thing that should matter to you is that Dre will be ready for his tag match on Fury.

DRE: I have talked to my partner already and he too is ready for the match. Trust me.

JOURNALIST 2: But Xavier Pendragon has been rumored to be talking to several superstars about the possibility of him returning to the ring. How do we know it's not you?

???: Would you like to know who I really am?

JOURNALIST 3: Are you actually going to reveal yourself to us?

???: I said I was.

The mystery man steps down on what appears to be stills and removes his cloak.

DAVID: It's me, David Dudley

Journalist stand there in shock


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