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On Wed, Jan17, 2018 8:57am America/Phoenix
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Scene opens with a wide view of open water. You can’t see a hint of a cloud in site, though you can see a island off in the distance. Blue water ripples slowing like a snake as the camera starts to zoom in and slide to the bottom left of the screen. Suddenly a dark spec appears in the body of water. As the camera continues to zoom the spec becomes bigger. Eventually we see that the spec is actually a boat. The closer we get to the boat we start to see the hull slamming against the the body of water. With every slam water sprays up over the boat getting the driver Jarvis Valentine and his passenger Summer Rose. 
The island looks amazing as there's many buildings lining the coastline. All the buildings are very bright colors with Pink's blues and greens.

Jarvis: look at all this, isn't it so nice with all the buildings colors? I See why the population has been growing over the decades.

Summer: It is gorgeous, really thinking about moving here even with WWX back in the States?

Jarvis: Yeah, sure I am, this place is gorgeous, I have always liked it. I love the UK great people hear.

As they approach the island slow down a little bit and maneuver through the bunkers of concrete that stop the waves. They get to the boat parking area and tie off. Summer gets up and gets helped out of the boat by Jarvis onto the concrete path that lines the coast in front of the houses. Jarvis makes his way of the boat as well before standing next to Summer as they begin just roll the path.

Summer: I want to graduate you on being named the number one Contender for the WWX television Championship that must feel pretty good huh?

Jarvis: yeah you have no idea how good it feels. It's great that I'm able to, at one point, know that I will be getting a title shot in the future. Willie Steen is going to be a great competitor as he's been a champion here for a long time he's held many different titles and I know it's going to be a real big challenge to defeat him but I know that was my training and my focus I can go in that ring and possibly get that w. 

Summer: not only are you the number one Contender for the TV title but you have a chance to get a shot at the world championship if you win this Crusader Cup Tournament. Now that would be cool to see, I mean coming from a number one fan you know.

Jarvis Chuckles at that as they come to the door of a coffee shop they walk in and go to the counter and order their drinks before moving down to pay for them. They grab their drinks and walk back outside to a bench facing the bay. They walk around the bench and look off into the distance for a few moments before looking at each other smiling and sitting down.

Jarvis: You know another thing I really like about this place is a fact they have many movies filmed here, thirty plus movies that I'm aware of. I know they just recently started a film festival here too that would be fun to go to.

Summer takes a sip of your coffee before cutting it with both hands and putting it in towards your lap.

Summer: that's pretty nifty little stat there sir. 

What are your thoughts about facing Hex Girl at Ravage this coming up week?

Jarvis: I mean really, it is what it is. I'm excited to be able  to face her as she is a Spitfire. But,  I'm one that's not really big about facing females in the ring, but for us to move forward and to meet our goals that is something that we have to do. I know not to count hex girl out right away as she is a former Television Champion herself though. I'm just excited at the opportunity of possibly getting a shot at the Undisputed championship.

Jarvis takes another sip of his coffee before standing up and walking to the edge of the cliff and looking over. He turns around and walks back to face summer face-to-face and kneels down.

Jarvis: We you have been together for a long time now…

Jarvis reaches back to his back pocket. Summer gasps and covers her mouth with one of her hands while Jarvis holds the other.

Jarvis: I know I have a hectic schedule and everything else in our lives are hectic. But I love you and I want to spend the rest of our lives together, will you marry me summer rose?

With tears running down her eyes summer shakes her head yes violently before both of them stand and embrace each other with massive hug and a beautiful kiss. After they hug a few moments Jarvis pulls away and grabs her left hand and puts the engagement ring on her finger. They hug and kiss me once more before both of them turn and look over the bay as the scene Fades to Black.

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