Prove It

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On Mon, Jun05, 2017 1:27pm America/Phoenix
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Prove It
[ The segment begins with Chris Sanders walking through the backstage area. He reaches one of the locker rooms and waves to the cameraman to keep following him. Sanders knocks on the door and opens it to see if there's anyone inside. He finds Fill sitting on a bench and holding an ice pack on his forehead ]

CS: Hello everyone, this is Chris Sanders with the International...

[ Fill slightly lifts his head and interrupts Sanders with an annoyed tone ]

Fill: Not now Chris, please...not now.

CS: Are you alright?

Fill: What do you think? As if my back pain wasn't enough from a couple of weeks ago, but I got backstabbed by my former best friend.

CS: As much as I understand your predicament, I only need five minutes of your time.

Fill: Is it that important?

CS: Well, after hearing Rayne's reasons, and after seeing your match last Sunday, a lot of people have started questioning your abilities, especially when they surround the International Championship.

[ Fill quietly groans and puts the ice pack away ]

Fill: Fine, but I'll only say this once, five minutes or not. There are always some who question a superstar's capabilities of holding onto a title. There were some who didn't even believe I would ever win it again. Mostly I'm talking about my opponent for Mayhem this week - Lu'Andre Xavier. He didn't take me seriously, he talked about how he was gonna put me in the hospital permanently, however at the end of the night it was my hand that was raised, and LX left the building empty handed. To those who still have some doubt, just remember that after all the doubts, results may vary. I don't need to show off the title so I won't bother to take it out and show you again that I am the International Champion right now, and not Lu'Andre. 

CS: And what about...

Fill: Please, don't interrupt me Chris, I'll answer only the first question you asked and it's over. As I was saying, Lu'Andre is more of a talker than a fighter. Whatever anybody thinks, it won't matter. I'll prove that I can remain the International Champion by repeating the result from our previous match. As for Rayne, he should think about his own match. One thing he said was true, this won't end with just one match. But it won't end when he decides, it will end when one of us can't fight anymore.

[ Fill gets up suddenly and grabs a nearby chair and throws it at the wall. It hits the wall and breaks into pieces ]

Fill: And I'm far from done fighting. And for the record, I don't care why the self proclaimed Blade Club interfered, I can manage without them. They aren't my problem, my problem is to hold onto the International Championship and prove that I don't just win title to lose them. Don't bother mentioning the TV title, it was just a souvenir that I didn't need. The International title however is what got me to this point in the WWX, it all started with it, and it sure as hell won't end with it. So let's get this over like this - Rayne, we're far from done. Lu'Andre, allow me to use you one more time to prove why I'm the International Champion right now.

CS: Well...

Fill: Enough talking Chris, leave now. 

CS: But...

[ Fill yells out in a growling voice ]

Fill: NOW!!!

[ Sanders and the cameraman step out of the locker room and shut the door on their way out as the segment ends ]

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