Pure Darkness and De Ja Vu

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Wed, Jun28, 2017 9:26am America/Phoenix
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Pure Darkness and De Ja Vu
[Tom Black and Bishop are curiously circling and pacing the ring, they are curiously staring at the empty seats and they are heavily pondering. There is nobody in sight except them. They are obviously confused. The camera walks up to the duo and sees that Tom Black is now staring down the camera and taking in Bishop 

Polaris: Tom, do you have that strange feeling? 

Black: Yes, Polaris, I have a feeling, but I don't know what it's called...

[He's still staring down the camera intensely but he is taking in what his partner is saying. Polaris is staring up at him blankly.]

Polaris: Yes Tom, I think it's called De Ja Vu. We have been before but I can't quite put my finger on it!

[They ponder on this thought for a while and start pacing again. 30 seconds have passed when Tom stops and looks as if he's just had a revelation.]

Black: Yes! I have it! We were here against Lipton and McAllister, and we have a match against them this Sunday!

Polaris: Indeed, and the reason we came here was to train, right?

Black: Yeah... but where's Dr Death? He was supposed to be here ages ago.

Polaris: Yes, he is la...

[*Go F*ck yourself* hits as the crowd look on in fear. Then, out from the stage steps Dr. Death. He laughs maniacally. The red blood upon his clothes clear and striking. In his hand is a barbed wire bat called "Dory".]

[Tom Black and Polaris remain silent, this isn't the best time to talk. Especially when Death has turned up in an empty arena with a full entrance.]

[His bat, Dory, swings around menacingly as he slides in through the bottom rope and peers over at the empty stands. Distaste and hate etched upon his solemn face.]

Black: Death, you honestly don't need to enter like that in an empty arena.

Dr. Death: Hello Tom, Bishop.

[He says, brushing off Black's comment.]

Polaris: Well, anyway, you're late. And you better have a valid reason as to why you have blood on your shirt after the chat we had.

[Dr. Death looks totally stumped, realizing he has no excuse, he replies.]

Dr Death: It was just one liver...

[Polaris looks enraged, but he's not going to let this get in the way of his training.]

Polaris: Well, we'll have another conversation later, but right now we have to train. Now we need some training partners!

[He pauses and waits for a moment until 2 burly men with tattoos covering their bodies walk in, looking ready to go. They both have tank tops and are smoking some form of drug. They climb in and stare down the 3 members of Pure Darkness. Then one of them speaks.]

Strongman 1: What do you want us to do know, m'lord?

[He speaks in a sarcastic tone. Then Polaris whispers in Dr. Death's ear.]

Polaris: What in the name of the Parish have you done, I mean look at them? Now you've made me angry...

[He brings his mouth away from Death's ear and faces the men and angrily speaks to them, gritting his teeth.]

Polaris: As part of your community service, you are going to fight me and Tom here, and my other partner Dr Death will be sanctioning the match. Okay?

Strong Man 1+2: Yes sir!

[One of them whispers into the other's ear.]

Strong Man 2:  We're gonna make mince meat out of these two!

[The other one nods and they take their tank tops off. Polaris and Black do the same with their jackets and shirts. Death gives the signal to start the match. The 2 teams circle each other and the strongmen make their first move with a quick jab to the chest, but Polaris sees this vcoming and catches his fist mid flight. He irish whips him into the ropes and clotheslines him on the rebound. Meanwhile, Black is standing over the ropes staring down at his strong man lying down on the outside mat.]

[When they both finally get up Black and Polaris are already waiting for them in a ready position. When Polaris' opponent finally makes his way onto his feet he stumbles into Polaris and is kicked into the ropes with a huge dropkick. On the rebound, Black lifts him up on his shoulders and DDTs him to the ground with a huge Black Hole!]

[The poor man rolls out of the ring before either of the duo can pin him. Mean while Dr Death has just counted to 9 and is interrupted as the other man rolls out. He starts again,]



[Neither man has shown any sign of life yet.]



[Black is still waiting in the ring but Polaris is already in mid air after a perfect suicide dive. It hits both of them on the chest.]


[Polaris doesn't want to win like this, so he calls Black out and they both pick them up together and rolls them into the ring. lack and Polaris slide into the ring. Black picks up one and power bombs him to the ground and Polaris hits the other with a splash from the top rope!]

[As the other strongman rolls out of the ring, Bishop Polaris falls on top of the downed strongman and Death counts the pin.]



[Somehow the man kicks out! Polaris is infuriated.]


Dr. Death: With pleasure!

Dr Death rolls out of the ring and grabs the blood stained, barbed, bat that is Dory. He rolls back in the ring and swaggers back to Polaris. Polaris grabs Dory hungrily and turns to face his opponent. Polaris lifts up Dory and drops it down onto the poor victim. You don't see the impact but you see blood flying into the air. You hear the impact again and see the blood again. And again, and again. The other strongman suddenly runs back into the ring. The match doesn't matter to him any more. Dr Death starts chuckling as he watches this destruction. Black is now trying to pull Polaris but it's not working. The other strongman calls the ambulance and the police as Tom Black tries to pull Polaris off, but it's in vain, you can't stop Polaris when he's angry. Dr Death turns to face the camera and starts to speak, still chuckling.]

Dr Death: Lipton, McAllister, as you can see, Black and Polaris are a little, occupied right now so I'm going to talk. This Sunday you wont feel De Ja Vu, you will not win, you cannot win. Just watch what Polaris is doing right now. This Sunday, your appointment, with Pure Darkness is next...

[He turns to face the action and carries on chuckling as you start to hear ambulance sirens and screaming from what was supposed to be a friendly  training session as the scene fades to black.]

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