Quick Word With Fozzy

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Wed, Dec06, 2017 8:38am America/Phoenix
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Quick Word With Fozzy
Fozzy is seen walking through the backstage area on Ravage wearing his entrance attire with the WWX Television Title around his waist. Sam Crow looms in the background. WWX reporter Kagome Rose comes running up to Fozzy with a camera crew behind her. Eager to get a word with Fozzy she stands in his way asking her question immediately.

ROSE- Fozzy! Fozzy why are you going out to the ring with Krimson Blaze tonight?

Fozzy looking annoyed and rolling his eyes in the back of his head quickly.

FOZZY- Cause I'm a wh0re for air time. Haha no just kidding but really I am. No but Krimson thinks I don't have his back well tonight I'll show him that we better get on the same page quickly if we are going to be successful in this tag team tournament. Tonight I show Krimson that I have his back.

ROSE- So what does that mean exactly? Are you going to interfere in the match?

Fozzy thinks about it for a second.

FOZZY- Let's just say I'm there to make sure things are fair and nothing fishy goes down and there is a high probability that I might get involved yeah so what. If Bob Mellon thinks he's as good as he says he is then I shouldn't be a problem at all. You know I overheard Bob saying he would put that International Title on the line tonight against Krimson. All I know if I was Krimson I would be jumping all over that opportunity. I mean think about it, both the TV Champ and International Champ become the new Tag Team Champion it could be quite the franchise of gold between the two of us.

FOZZY- Now if you will excuse me I have to go tell the WWX Universe how great I am.

Fozzy signals Sam Crow to follow as they head to gorilla position.


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