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On Tue, May23, 2017 5:36am America/Phoenix
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[The camera pans to a room with a couple of desks with computers on them, there are a lot of men sat at those desks happily typing away, possibly writing gimmicks for the WWX superstars. Suddenly the door is smashed open and the room is delved into chaos. People are running and screaming and all the lights go out. You can hear footsteps walking into the room and apart from the grunting and heavy breathing, everything is silent. You hear a scream and then a smash. And then another, and another, until the whole room is in a chorus of screams. Then the lights flick back on and everyone is crumpled on the ground. You can see people on op of collapsed tables. And Tom Black is stood over them.]

[He walks out without word. You watch him march down a dimly lit corridor, the lights are flickering on and off as he furiously twitches. There are refs having a chat leaning against the wall. Then they turn round in shock at the fuming Tom Black. He instantly picks them up and slams them both to the ground in a powerbomb. He carries on his walk and yo notice a CCTV camera point in his direction.]

[He finds his gym and starts kicking things over and yelling while he does so. He storms out and yells out indistinct words that don't make sense. But you can make things out such as,]

Tom Black:Polaris!!!...Lipton!!!...McAllister!!!

[He kicks over a desk with all the force he can muster. He carries on screaming and screaming. He notices the camera and suddenly all the lights go out and you hear the clunking of a clunking on the floor.]

Tom Black: Watch out...


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