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On Thu, Jan04, 2018 1:43pm America/Phoenix
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The scene opens with the view of the Railyard in downtown lincoln. With it being winter the ice rink is set up with people skating. The Railyard is where people gather during the summer for dances, basketball games and music concerts and much more including Husker games. The big floor area is surrounded by local bars and music venues like the Vega. Also this is right across the street from the Pinnacle Bank Arena. 

The camera starts to zoom in with the Vega centered in the shot. As it gets closer to the building we fade away then fade back to where we are now inside of the Vega. We see Jarvis setting across from a gorgeous blonde lady. Both of them have drinks in front of them. 

Jarvis: Summer, I have had an amazing night! Dinner at Venchensoís was just grand and the movie before was great. Knew Daddyís Home two would be good just because of the first one. 

Summer: Yea it was nice. Thank you for the great night!

Jarvis: You are very welcome maíam. But itís not over just yet.

Summer: Good, I didnít want to have it over yet anyways.

Jarvis face turns a little red as Summer winks at him.

Jarvis: Awesome, come with me.

With a smile on his face he stands up and grabs Summerís hand. She too gets up and starts walking with Jarvis to the door. They make their way to the door and to the outside before walking down a flight of stares over to a blue shack. As they approach it Jarvis reaches in his back pocket and grabs his wallet. They get to the window of the shack and order their skates. Jarvis hands over the money for them before putting his wallet back in his pocket. They walk over to a bench both smiling and change their shoes to skates.

Both of them get up walk carefully over to the entrance to the ice. Summer gets on the ice with ease and starts doing small circles before Jarvis reaches the ice, but within milliseconds Jarvis butt slams onto the ice. Summer reacts with some laughs before going over to him to help him up. Jarvis looks up while getting helped up with a smile at Summer. 

Jarvis: Well, not so graceful on the ice am I?

Summer: UmmmmÖ.(starts laughing)

Jarvis: Yea, Yea, its been awhile I guess!

Jarvis chuckles a little before Summer and Jarvis start going around the rink holding hands and smiling.

Summer: This is nice! Again, Thank you!

Jarvis: Youíre very welcome maíam. Sorry it has taken so long to get this lined up. Itís been busy at work with the hiring of Scott and then his bowl game with UCF and then my wrestling. 

Summer: I totally understand. I love your articles about Frost and love your matches in WWX. Hope you get the win at the PPV this week.  

Jarvis: Yea, me too. Pretty big chance Iím getting here. Not every day do you find yourself in a stage where you control your own destiny. I really didnít think I would be in a title picture this soon in WWX, so, I have to take full advantage of everything I can to get the ďWĒ.

Summer: How do you feel about going against Kailee?

Jarvis: Iím excited for the competition. I donít care if you are male or female. If you have enough heart and drive you can win any match your in. So I am not underestimating her one bit. Iíve seen other places that their female competitors dominate over the males that compete there. So I know anyone of these people I am going up against can get the ďWĒ as well.

A couple kids who have been watching Jarvis and Summer go around the rink go up along side of Jarvis before asking for a autograph. The kids with pen and poster in hand give it to Jarvis to sign. Summer sets back and watches with a giant smile, almost a shy smile, as Jarvis signs the poster for the kids. Jarvis hands the stuff back to the kids before giving high fives to both of them as they then skate off excited. Summer rejoins Jarvis as the continue to skate. 

Summer: I love watching you with fans, especially the young ones. Your so good with kids Jarvis!

Jarvis: Ah man, I love my fans. They mean the world to me. I do what I do every time i step into the ring because of them. If I can put a smile on there face, and know they are having a great timeÖ.itís priceless to me! Thatís the number one reason I need to go out there this week and win that match at Holiday Hell. I want to capture that T.V title for them. I want to defend that championship for them. If everything pans out the way i want them too, then I plan on being the best champion I can be for them. If I didnít have them, I wouldnít be wrestling!

Summer slides around in front of Jarvis and begins to skate backwards.

Jarvis: Now thatís impressive! 

Summer smiles and slows down to get closer to Jarvis

Summer: You think this is impressive, watch this!!

Just then summer comes to a stop to have Jarvis run into to her. She wraps jarvis with her arms before she smiles and leans in and starts to kiss Jarvis as the seen fades to black.

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