Ramen and wrestling, with Jake Devine

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Tue, Jun27, 2017 12:13pm America/Phoenix
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Ramen and wrestling, with Jake Devine
The camera opens to the exterior of a small restaurant in Tokyo. The writing's in kanji. The cameraman enters the shop, being welcomed by the chef, who slings noodles into bowls. Over at the counter, a foreigner man wearing a trenchcoat sits by the counter, already eating a bowl of ramen. As the camera gets close, Jake smiles to the camera, chewing on a piece of pork.

Jake: Looking around the city, I found this charming little noodle shop. The food here is pretty good. Surprisingly, this is my first time uere. I've been to Japan before to train, sure, but that was Osaka. I feel great about getting the chance to wrestling here, though. I can't wait to make my debut here on the land of puro, and frankly, I think my opponent thinks the same.

Jake takes a sip from the steaming bowl, smiling as the steam leaves his mouth.

Jake: Man, this is great. Anyway. Kurtis Ray attacked me before our match at last week's Ravage in London. I believe that means one of two things. One: Kurtis Ray is afraid of me, and tried to take me out before we got to the ring, where he'd be no match for me. Hard to believe that would be the case with him. Or two: Kurtis Ray doesn't want to face me in the ring, as getting pinned by me would further lower his current poor reputation in the locker room. Well, bad news for you, my friend. This time, we're facing in a falls count anywhere match. You do know what that means, right? 

Jake looks back at his bowl of ramen, and eats the noodles using his chopsticks. He swallows before continuing.

Jake: That means we will have to fight, no matter what,  and you won't be able to pull off the same cheap strategy again. Sure, if you wanted to,you could just not go to the arena. But, what would that do to your already bad rep? Do keep in mind that I'm above you on the rankings. If you refuse to face me, how can you be able to challenge for the WWX World championship again? It's simple: you can't. I know that you see me as just another stepping stone. And frankly?

Jake drinks the remaining broth on the bowl, placing it down on the counter again. He leaves the pay next to the bowl, facing the camera again with a smirk.

Jake: I feel the same about you.

Jake turns his back to the camera and leaves the restaurant. The camera fades to black.

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