Rankings moving forward

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On Thu, Aug03, 2017 8:40am America/Phoenix
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Rankings moving forward

I hope you all enjoyed the fallout of Fury. The ranking system is going to be alittle different than what you are used to so I will try and lay this out as simple as possible and you can always ask questions if need be at jamesbournewwx@gmail.com or in the facebook group if you are in there. I always try to answer questions and feel free to reach out for anything anytime. With that said, the rankings will work as follows. 

-New Rankings will be posted each week on the WWX site following Fury. 

-Each week, there will be a ranking match from each division on the card. The winner moves up with the loser moving down. If the loser is on the bottom, they will be removed and someone put into their place. 

-You are not set to one division. If you want to get into another division, you must challenge someone in that division. How do you challenge? From here on, its all character based. I read all the rps posted daily. Your character will challenge whoever you are looking for (excluding the champion and #1 contender). From there, that person can come back and accept your challenge or deny it. If they do not answer within 24 hours of posting, that challenge will be taken as accepted and the match will be booked. 

-The number one contender may ask for their title match at ANY time. You can do this via in character by posting an RP and list it as (title request). I will see it and Bourne will respond (and you may get one from the champion too). 

-The number two spot in the rankings can challenge for the number one contenders spot as well so long as the contender is not booked in a title match. 

From here on, i want to see all challenges in character. That doesnt mean that I wont book title matches and things but I want to see activity come back to life here and I feel this is going to be a good way to do it. The fury card will be coming up tonight. I will be booking all the matches this time and await people to start their challenges afterward. Good luck everyone and as always have fun. 



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