Rankings Update: Post Mayhem(ALL READ)

On Mon, Jul03, 2017 4:07pm America/Phoenix
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Rankings Update: Post Mayhem(ALL READ)
From the desk of Ravage GM, Maxfield Stanton.

The following changes have occured during the most recent Mayhem show and should reflect the current rankings:

WWX International Division

CHAMPION: Blayde Archer

#1 Contender: Rayne

2: Fill
3: Bishop Polaris
4: Matt Glazebrook
5: Cameron Westport

WWX Tag Team Division

CHAMPIONS: Pure Darkness (Tom Black & Bishop Polaris)

#1 Contenders: Tommy Lipton & Rex McAllister

2: The Blade Club
3: 420

In the WWX World Division, I have a typo stating "Willie Pendragon". I meant to say Willie Steel. My apologies for the mixup



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