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On Fri, Jun09, 2017 6:35pm America/Phoenix
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The patio over looks Lake Ontario as people sit enjoying their dinners at the popular Beaver and Bulldog Bar & Grill downtown Burlington. 
Tommy walks off the patio leaving his friends behind as he walks to the edge of the land, he looks out over the water and then turns to face us. 

Tommy Lipton: So Outrage is coming up fast, Rex and I are set for a hard battle against some selected tag teams here in the Federation that are considered worthy enough to challenge us champs. Worthy, funny, are they really? In fact this match is yet another attempt to get these belts off of us by putting us up against the odds. 

Tommy Lipton: Syndicate thinks that this match stipulation is going to end our impressive run here in the WWX. Face it, obviously he wants us to lose our belts, he knows we are better champions than he ever will be and while we are the champs we are the ONLY champs that matter. Face it Syndicate is very lucky to have walked away a winner the other night... Rex and I know he must have been given juice from the BOD because something helped a man who clearly was beaten win. Maybe WWX tops allowed him to bypass the wellness policy because they didn't want him to embarrass the WWX and be revealed for who he really is... A mediocre champ... 

Tommy Lipton: Back to the important topic on the table, The Tag Team Championship match... The Rexcellence and Mr. WWX are coming to Outrage to make a stand, to make a point. 
We are fighting champions and we are not some mediocre champions, we are the real deal and if it's two teams we face or three or four it's jist more Bounce per Ounce and we will bounce them one after the other from OUR ring and at the end... It will be Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister as your Tag Team Champions!

Tommy heads back towards Beaver and Bulldog. He stops and shakes his head.

Tommy Lipton: Listen, I need to get one last little thing off my chest... You see I get it, the tag titles to some are not the top prestigious belts but I think over this last little while Rex and I have brought some meaning to these titles. The reason some may not think of these belts as top tier is because honestly, it's rare to find good tag teams these days. In recent weeks we have faced teams that say we are not a real tag team... but Rex and I would strongly argue that fact. Sure we may not have some fancy duo tag entrance like others in the past have had, we may not even have a finishing tag team move... What we do have is chemistry and friendship that has seen Rex and I prove over and over again that we are a true team, we can count on each other and we have strong mutual respect. As I said, it's rare to find solid Tag Teams here in the WWX and that is why the tag titles aren't always listed as the number one belt... As rare as finding a strong team can be here, Rex and are one of those rare teams and it's guys like us that remind the WWX that tag team wrestling can sometimes be worth watching and that some tag team champions are really able to steal the whole show. Rex and I are those type of champions and Rex and I.... 

We Are Coming!

Tommy continues to walk back toward his friends sitting on the patio ....


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