Ravage of the 2nd Round

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Wed, Jan17, 2018 1:12am America/Phoenix
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Ravage of the 2nd Round
(The camera is set in a restaurant. Super Bacon is sat talking to Dave).

SB: Dave. I need to prepare for this Crusade Cup! It is the most important thing to me!

Dave: Why? What is so important about this?

SB: The winner gets a shot at the WWX UNDISPUTED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! ... (Breathing heavily) Sorry was that a bit loud?

Dave: Yeah (rubs his ears). So the winner gets a title shot?

SB: Yeah!

(A waitress walks over).

Waitress: Are you ready to order sirs?

SB: Yes... Can I have a double bacon burger please... With fries and a Pepsi max. Thanks.

Dave: Can I have a jumbo hot dog with fries and lemonade please.

Waitress: Ok we will be a few minutes. Can I have your menus.

(They both hand her their menus and she walks away).

SB: So when we get back I need to do some Super Training and use every spare moment to train. Also I am definitely getting through to the 3rd round.

Dave: Thats not how it works Bacon.

SB: Yeah I know but I am against yet another new guy. He has no chance. David... Watch out cos you never know when the hawk is gonna take a swift kick to your skull! Now... You know Dave... Have you realised that I am so great in this company they put me straight into the 2nd round! Ha! 

(The waitress walks back over with their drinks and walks away. Shw then comes back with their food).

Waitress: Your food.

SB: Thank you.

(She walks away. They begin to eat).

Dave: Ooh this is so good.

SB: Yeah.

(They take a dip from their drinks. 15 minutes later).

SB: I'm stuffed... That was so good.

Dave: It sure was.

SB: Ok shall we get the bill?

( he walks over to the front and asks for the bill he then pays. Dave and SB leave).

SB: So shall we go back to the Bacon Building and I can train?

Dave: Yeah lets go!

(They walk and soon the bacon building is in view. They walk through and they go into the elevator. They then travel up to the gym).

Dave: I will leave you to train I have some paperwork to do.

(Camera fades to black)

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