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On Wed, May16, 2018 6:16pm America/Phoenix
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Ravage Review blog

Twisted words, false hope, broken promises and shattered dreams. 

When fans tune in to watch WWX, what faces do they see? i'll tell ya exactly what these mouth breather morons at home see! Footage of losers like Syndicate the generic Skid Row Outcast, whining across the screen. Footage of Darkness. Does he even work here anymore? I sure haven't seen his talented ars-enal around lately! 

You know what else that i don't see? REAL TALEnT being properly represented like we should be and you know what really gets my hide? what really chaps my goat? Jarvis Valentine holding the International Title. A championship that's reserved for the REAL TALEnT in this organization and a title that deserves MY name on it! WE should be in the signature before the show and in the main event spotlight! 

Management obviously doesn't seem to have much faith in what I do yet we WILL continue to defy the odds and innovate the game. Tag Team open challenge, next week. Pendragons. 420. consider yourself officially challenged. Any two individuals can also sign up. 

So, who wants in? 

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