Rayne Dance

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Thu, Jun15, 2017 12:19am America/Phoenix
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Rayne Dance
TIME: 4:20 PM
LOCATION: Branson, Missouri
PLACE: Titanic Museum 


-The scene opens with Blayde Archer flanked by Blade Club brothers Justice Johnston and Ezra Zion on board the replica Titanic ship that doubles as a museum. The Juggernaut is shown dangling a grown man by the ankles and over the ships ledge for his own amusement when the camera is spotted. The man is pulled back on board then immediately runs for his life but not before Jumbo nabs the red and white lettered "Make America Great Again" hat from the mans head. Zion and Archer look up at Justice Johnston shaking their heads with a disapproving stare.-

JUMBO: what?? I wanted the hat..

-Justice Johnston proudly puts the hat on as Allthree members of the Blade Club turn towards the camera with arms crossedwhile the Titanic ship is shownin the backdrop.-

Fill, Fill, Fill. Sometimes I wonder.. Are you really that gullible, or just plain stupid? 


I'll tell you this much "Champ." The onlyrealchance you have of keeping that International Title secured firmlyaround your waist? Is by joining the Blade Club. Think about it, Fill. Why stress overa wet blanket like Rayne? Do you want to be remembered and known as an over rated, undeserving champion that prefers to walk in the shadow of a so called friend that betrayed you. The Blade Club? We would never treat our brothers like that.

-Blayde Archer, Justice Johnston and Ezra Zion give each other the "too sweet" finger touch tap.-

The self proclaimed arch angel stuck a dagger in your back the very moment he realized you were dead weightriding on his coat tails and keeping the Silent Assassin from breaking through the proverbial glass ceiling to reach the next level. You were perceived to bethe anchor in When Worlds Collide that dragged the ship down to the deepest depths of depravitycausingit tosink harder than the Titanic itself. Now Fill wants to TRY and salvage, to resurrectthe shipwreck only to runinto the Icebergthat is the Blade Club. We are the new flag bearers of professional wrestling and we won't stop until we take over this entire organization!

-The cameras show brief snapshots of the items on display in this museum then follows the Blade Club through the Titanic tour where Justice Johnston attempts to sneak a glance up the female tour guides billowed ankle long dress as we are lead up the grand staircase made of beautiful stained mahogany wood that swivels to the next level floor. The juggernaut grabs ahold of the camera and pulls it close to his face-

JUMBO: You two knuckle humpers want to settle your grudge and squash your beef amongst yourselves? By all means.. beat the holy hellout of one another..feel free to wail on and bludgeoneach other until both of you are roommates in the Hospital. The Russian Beast, Khoklov will be there waiting to pick up the left over scraps. Fill and Rayne can fight each other every night, all night for the rest of the year. We couldn't care less but here's the thing.These inferior warriors won't be battling it out for the International Championship after Mayhem and here's why. Blade is better than Fill andBlade is better than Rayne.Your soon to beInternational Champion hasalready proven onceto better thanthe Giant that calls himself The Great Khoklov as well. Face it boys. The best man will walk out the winner and NEW International Champion..and right now that camera is looking right at em. 

-Blayde Archer pointsa thumb into his chest and shoots a wink at the camera.-

The Intercontinental Championship will be the first of many titles that will belong to and be property of the Blade Club. Fill already came out running his mouth about how the only thing I will get is eliminated first, that if I don't believe that just wait until Sunday.. Now THAT is funny.

-The camera swings over to the Hebrew Hitman, Ezra Zion, who eyes the camera with a calm, smooth demeanor.-

-E-Z- Do you honestly think that you, YOU of all people, have what it takes to out work, out think, out maneuver the Blade Club, Fill? Do you really think that any of the three highly skilled and ring savvy opponents that you will be defending your International Title against will be "stressing" you, Fill? The man who has become the WWx resident punching bag. (smirks) Not likely. We will not over look or underestimate you, or any of our future victims. What The Blade Club will do is beat you, along with anyone else who gets in our way. Through any means necessary. Over and over and over again. Why? Because that is what we do and we are extremely proficient at it. 

-The camera sways back to The Juggernaut, Justice Johnston who hits the button on a switch blade knife, that flips open with a comb. Jumbo strokes his beard with it with a twisted smile as Blayde Archer directs the camera back to the leader of the Blade Club.-

Oh, and Rayne? Challenge accepted! Whether you want to admit this to be the factual truth that it or not.. We are by far the two most motivated and driven men in this match and should come as no surprise when we at the last two survivors.. Now as much as I may respect your ability, your tenacity and desire to be better than you are capable of being.. it will never be enough to beat someone like me. You will quickly learn that I have something far more dangerous than heart and that is the cunning intelligence to put myself in the right place at the right time, something that the Blade Club has some very effectively here in WWX since our arrival, as you may have already noticed. I will go into the main event of Mayhem against three very diverse adversaries. All of which I will out think, out wit and out work until becoming the last warrior left remaining as the winner and your NEW International Champion. 

-Blayde Archer motions as if seeing his name next to the championship on the marquee-

Blayde Archer, International Champion! Sounds good doesn't it? I suggest you get used to hearing those names paired together for a long time. This is the opportunity the Blade Club needs to show the wrestling world what they should alredy know, that the Blade Club are the best thing going today. This is my chance to prove myself to be everything that I say that I am and know myself to be. A champion in the making.. One of the true greats in this business. On Mayhem? I will do the one thing everyone has been begging for me to do.. Sunday Night, I Prove it.

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