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On Fri, Oct27, 2017 10:19pm America/Phoenix
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(It is barely twilight, the last rays of the sun disappearing as harsh vapor lights come on, casting bright light and strange shadows over a concrete lot in an unidentified city. A basketball hoop stands at each end, suggesting it's use as a makeshift playground, but despite the relatively early hour the lot is abandoned except for a single figure. The sound of a ball bouncing echoes as he dribbles it lazily, finally lining up a shot and missing the mark completely.

The camera moves in as the figure goes to collect his ball, finally pulling in close enough to reveal that the terrible basketball player is Kurtis Ray. He looks nonplussed, tossing another shot that bounces off the rim and the backboard, bouncing over toward the fence.)

KURTIS: Guess I can't be good at everything. Mental note: Basketball equals not a thing the Hype Train excels at.

(Kurtis laughs, dashing off to collect his ball. He makes a show of spinning it on his finger for a moment before putting it down on the ground and resting a foot on top. He shoves his hands in his pocket, finally looking at the camera.)

KURTIS: Howdy, Universe. You've heard by now that Rex and Tommy are punks and didn't take me up on my challenge, so instead I've been offered a berth in the Race for the Case at Hall of Pain. Hall of Pain is only a few days away, and at this point we've only heard from a couple of the people I'm going to share the ring with. And guess what? Both of those people who've been jawing off had stuff to say about Kurtis Ray. Surprise surprise, it was nothing good. Rayne comes out saying I've done nothing to deserve his notice, and that the race for the case is a two-horse show. Super Bacon, Jake Devine, Kurtis Ray, Xavier Pendragon? They don't matter. They're just filler to blah blah blah blah king blah boring. 

(Kurtis rolls his eyes, hunching his shoulders and shoving his hands deeper into his pockets.)

KURTIS: I get that all that monster talk is supposed to be intimidating, and I get that you might have mentally revised the fact that I've already got at least one clean 'w' over you, but I'm not impressed. Way I see it, this whole 'retaking my throne' thing is a desperate play to prove you're still relevent. And real talk, man, that's just sad. You're a big fish in this pond, but so am I. You're talking about two matches in one night? Welcome to my night at Hall of Pain last year. Welcome to the show when I defended the TV title against Nero Moore and then went on to beat Syndicate for the undisputed title in a match that defined five stars. Not to mention when I faced Syndicate again for the title and challenged the current champ in a match on the same night in the Crusade Cup. Underestimating me is a mistake, my man, and I look forward to my chance to prove it.

(Kurtis rolls the basketball under his foot before kicking under it and popping it up in the air, bouncing it on his foot.)

KURTIS: Let's not forget about Krimson Blaze. The person I guess Rayne has some hate boner for because Krimson Blaze is the only person he hasn't beat? I'm not too clear on the details. What I do know, what I can state categorically, is that I don't care. You want to know why I'm in the Race for the Case when I walked a few months ago, Blaze? It's because that's what the Hype wants, man. The Hype leads, and the Hype Train follows. Simple as that. The fans want to see me back at the top. The brass signed the contract, so obviously they think I got the gas for it. It doesn't matter what your opinion of me is, doesn't matter if you think I'm second best in the match, doesn't matter how bad you want the case. What matters is, the universe is on my side. In more ways than one. In the chamber Tuesday night you're gonna know what it feels like to burn out.

(Kurtis kicks the basketball up high enough to catch it in both hands, slowly beginning to dribble it.)

KURTIS: Then we got Super Bacon. Last time that dude was relevant was when he was cosplaying as the food network dude from Smashmouth. No offense, Bacon, you're en entertaining dude, but you're in over your level. But I guess there's always someone in these matches that's there to feed whoever wins, or make someone look strong or whatever.

(Kurtis shrugs, focusing more on dribbling the ball, bouncing it between his legs as he walks in a wide, lazy circle.)

KURTIS: Then there's Jake Devine. The asshat formally known as Jake Idol. Former member of the Big Time Agency. Only thing he's ever done of note was make sure Syndicate got a title shot, and then Syndicate dumped him. We've got some history, he and I. I kicked him around a few times, and then he and I were in a "feud" around about the time I bounced. Jake, I ain't gonna mince words. I don't like you, and in the chamber if you get in my way for the case, you will regret it.

(Kurtis grins at the camera and winks, catching the ball in both hands and acting like he's trying to get past and unseen blocker. He keeps hesitating before shooting, however.)

KURTIS: Finally we come to Xavier Pendragon. X is a dude I still have some complex feelings about. We were a great team, and then when I did well in the World Series and he didn't, he decided I'd turned my back on him. Now he's formed a team with Damian Price and, spoiler alert, not so long ago I beat BOTH of them in a triple threat match. That's just going to happen again and again, X, because although I know you're a dude with a lot of potential, I don't think you're capable of living up to it. I don't want to hurt you, man, but I will if that 's what it takes to earn the case. Just do yourself a favor and steer clear.

(Finally Kurtis shoots again, and the basketball, predictably, hits the rim and skews off toward the other fence. Kurtis jogs over to grab it, tucking it under his arm. His cellphone sounds off, and Kurtis pulls it out of his pocket, glancing at the screen.)

KURTIS: Alright, folks, I gotta bounce, but I'll leave you with this. Rayne. Krimson Blaze. Super Bacon. Jake Devine. Xavier Pendragon. Lights. Lights. Lights. Lights. Lights. Kurtis Ray walks with the case, and all you have to look forward to is those bright overheads. Me? I'm headed right for the top. Choo choo.

(Kurtis mimes pilling a truck horn, then laughs, strolling away. The camera turns to focus on one of the lights before the scene fades to white.)

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