Readying For A War

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, Jan04, 2018 11:57pm America/Phoenix
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Readying For A War
The scene cuts to a small room. It's similar to one you would see in a police office, known as an interrogation room. This is not an interrogation though, just a fine spot to meet up in private away from world at large. It's already in the middle of the discussion.

???? This is it...the last one. Then we go our separate ways.

The camera shows two men at a table opposite of each other. The one man, we've seen before. It's the same masked man that Rex McAllister had been shown interacting with a few weeks back. The other man of course being Rex McAllister whose shown first.

Rex McAllister: Depending how everything goes will determine if we see each other again. Your task is simple, you follow her, make sure she boards the flight, you notify me and will discuss the rest.

The camera now shows the masked man, who nods in agreement. 

Masked Man: It will be done. 

The camera shows Rex again, and he nods. It's then that the masked man rises up from his seat to take his leave out the door of the room leaving Rex by himself. Rex begins slowly sitting back in his chair, clutching the arm rests with both hands.

Rex McAllister: They say in a time before one's destruction they try to create. They try to prepare for all possible scenarios that there is to think of, and ready themselves for just about anything. The question is, who needs this more?

Rex slowly turns his head to stare long and hard into the camera. His expression deadpanned.

Rex McAllister: Judging by the way you speak, Tommy, taking such pride in everything you've accomplished. All the knowledge you've accumulated through every experience you've ever been a part of, it's really the more clearly you choose to focus your attention to all that and all the realities that you speak of that's going to lead to the eventual results that we will this weekend. Your words say one thing, but inside your mind is telling you something else. 

Rex ponders a moment.

Rex McAllister: Put me down? Tommy, saying you will put me down and understanding how very difficult that will be are what you have yet to come to the reality of. You refuse to look vulnerable, but in doing so you've exposed more and more of your own flaws as time has gone on, and the results have shown that. You wish to create this reality that everything is going to be fine for Tommy Lipton, that Tommy Lipton will not make any mistakes this time around, and that someone like me whose as cold and calculating as they come in this industry will just suddenly falter and give you the free opening that you need to proceed on to find glory one last time.

Rex has a nice small chuckle.

Rex McAllister: You are the only liar out of the two of us, Tommy, you just don't know that you are. Someone like me who speaks mere portions of the truth in order to deceive, that's the real master of destruction, not some false idol who wishes to go around and act more like a jester than a WWX Legend experienced well beyond his years. 

Rex smirks

Rex McAllister: I'm going smile, Tommy, truly relish the beauty of your destruction at Holiday Hell. The light and the fire in your eyes, it's something I can't wait to take away from you, and it'll be taken away from you in a manner by which you won't be able to comprehend until it has been taken away.

Rex grins deviously

Rex McAllister: You wish to dismiss me like a fool.

Rex has a nice laugh over this.

Rex McAllister: You wish to when entering into hell's gates where they don't tolerate any. You already said this is a waste of your time, but you'll soldier on and do what must be done, but you've been saying such things like this for weeks now, and yet you can't seem to fulfill that promise.

Rex sighs now, and then shakes his head in disbelief.

Rex McAllister: The reality is that I embrace the unknown just as you do, Tommy. The difference is, I welcome it with open arms, because I'm constantly at work in my mind of what it is that I desire and how I can obtain it. Fate is something that's dictated by the plans and the decisions that we make, and what's meant to be will find a way.

Rex McAllister: For well over two years now, Tommy, the things that I've concocted in my mind have gotten me to this point, one where I know exactly how to make you believe you are significant and have a true purpose without realizing that you're merely just a factor in my ascension.

Rex chuckles again.

Rex McAllister: All who were put before me, before you, were...just factors. You wish to change your fate? You can't, it's too late for that now. You signed a contract, and it might as well had been in blood, because you're going to lose plenty by my hand when you fall at my feet again.

Rex says with a seriousness, a glare toward the camera.

Rex McAllister: You've taken down others of bigger in stature, stronger in will, more dangerous in their calculations? Tommy, they're not here now, and you've just admitted to being outplayed by someone who you believe is less...less than you, less than all the other titans you've tangled with. Congratulations, you now not only do you walk into Hell's gates looking like a fool, but also sounding like one too, but I look forward to this final battle in the war, because this isn't a story that's going to have a happy ending. No, I'm afraid this is the story that's going to be remembered for something different, something destructive, something you couldn't possibly comprehend, not until it's over. I'm the author of this one, Tommy, and in the end I'm going to I guarantee it. Now that...was...rexcellent.

Rex grins and starts chuckling again as the scene begins to fade.


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