''Real Talent'' Challenge

On Thu, May17, 2018 10:24pm America/Phoenix
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''Real Talent'' Challenge
Tag Team Application

Tag Team name-"Real Talent"

Tag Finisher-"FIVE Star Finale"

Description-Electric Chair Front Drop into a Springboard Ace Crusher

Tag Finisher-"CRITICal Force"

Description- Electric chair dropped into a Neck Breaker Drop.

Tag Finisher-Leap Frog Panic Attack!

Description-(Leap Frog from Gimmick Jones followed up by a Running double knee strike, feinting with the theatrics of a panic attack.)


[A narrative voice over plays as we see a large hardback book labeled WWX History book being cracked open and flipped through, showing champions from past to present, including the original mothership that was the IWA.]

In the years to come, after all this is over, where words grow stronger than a record breaking Olympic weightlifter, there will still be stories told of the WWX. The little fed that could, WWX will be reenacted in plays for little children, written into supernatural fables where good feuds will become great tragedies, reality becomes fiction and the stories lived by the worlds fiercest competitors will become dying myths. Myths of great importance and great glory amidst those grandiose tales there will be the greatest artifact of WWX. You know it all too well, some here have even had the privilege of once calling it their own.

Bryan Chase-WWX Journalist

Greetings and salutations to our readers out there.. Welcome to this little segment that I like to call "Cutting to the Chase" with me, your host with the most, Bryan Chase. 

Lots of WWX news to discuss this week. Let's break it down with some analysis.

This weeks, THE man goes to....(drum roll) The Rex Master, Rex Mcallister. 
Congrats on a hard fought win this week proving that the you can beat ANY Champion.

In Other News..

The newly formed Tag Team "Real Talent" recently issued an open challenge, specifically inviting 420 and the Pendragon Clan along with any other teams willing to participate. No word yet on anyone accepting the open challenge but we will keep you posted..

In our rumor mill report. It is rumored that one of the masked competitors on the current roster is a former WWX talent hiding their past identity.. This is only speculation at this time but it will be interesting to see how things play out should this rumor be true..

That's all this week, tune in next time as we continue to bring you the hottest news and rumors inside the WWX Universe.

This is Bryan Chase, signing off


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