''Real'' Talent? Get Real

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Fri, May11, 2018 10:02pm America/Phoenix
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''Real'' Talent? Get Real
???: Wow, so you hit a cop with your SUV and nearly run over Leon Jones. Then you say that the way you blindsided Jeffrey last week was easy and that you're gonna beat me with ease by using sneak attacks and cheapshots. Really? That's 'real talent'? Get serious for once, why don't cha.

The camera pans out a little bit to see former World Champ Xavier Pendragon relaxing in a hotel room, watching the latest promo from his upcoming challenger, Gimmick Jones.

XAVIER: And you laying down for me just to over inflate my own ego? No, no, no Gimmick. I'm not gonna ask you nor even tell you to lay down for me so I can the victory. I'm just going to pulverize you into a thin red paste and drag your cocky little a$$ from one side of the arena to the other. So what does hitting a cop with your car and nearly hitting Leon with the same car will get you? Nothing, except for a lot of pissed off people who's gonna want you beat down and serve up a 12-pack of an a$$whoopin' on a rookie who thinks after one cheesy sneak attack he thinks he's hot sh*t. You see Gimmick, you assume that championship after championship is handed to me on a silver platter. If that was the case, I would throw it back in their face saying "I'd rather be a true champion who earned his way to the top" No one even figured me to win the Race for the Case match. Look what happened. No one thought I would be World Champion. Look what happened. Gimmick Jones, come time for Ravage, you will face me "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon. I'm not going to ask you to lay down as you're so politely putting it. I'm going to simply beat you and put you down. Simple as that.

Xavier then walks out onto his patio, overlooking the beach of his current location in Panama City.

XAVIER: Gimmick Jones, you say that facing me one-on-one in the ring will be easy money for you because according to you, I'm not real talent. Instead of disputing your false claim of delusion and grandueur, I'm gonna let you continue to let you think what you want...that way once you've succumbed to the Machine Meltdown and you left in a pile of your own blood looking like someone plastered you into a thin red paste. Just be sure to remember my name- "The Machine". It's go time.

Without another word, Xavier returns inside to his hotel room, closing the door behind him and closing the curtain.

scene fades

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