Realities perceptions truths and lies

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Jan03, 2018 8:08pm America/Phoenix
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Realities perceptions truths and lies
{{The screen is black}}

V/O: There is a time in a wrestlers career that they are faced with different situations. It is no surprise though, with the amount of testosterone fueling in the air that people will do pretty much anything to be at the top. He has seen it many times, even in his own self he has done what he must do in order to succeed, in order to be victorious. He knows their is no room for friendships and brothers in this, their version of game of thrones. Where gladiators take to the ring to battle it out for greatness and glory. A friend today is a foe tomorrow and he of all people knows just how true that is. The perception of having a friend in this is a lie for the reality is that when the dust settles and the sky clears, it's you against the world when the Undisputed Championship, the jewel of the WWX is sought after. Realities and truths, perception and lies... there is nothing Tommy Lipton doesn't know more about... 

{{The scene opens up inside Tommy Liptons home gym in Toronto Ontario. On a flat bench sitting upright with a 40 lb dumbbell in each hand is Tommy Lipton who is sporting a DJ-Underarmor sweatshirt and Addidas jogging pants. Some sweat drips off his hair and rolls down his cheeks. One drops from the tip of his nose. He does 15 reps and drops them as he notices the WWX crew in the room. He wipes his face with the white towel and grabs a sanitizer bottle and paper towel and cleans the bench off. he then looks towards the camera. Tommy wipes his arms with the towel after he takes off the sweater revealing his muscular arms and chest. Tommy reaches over and grabs a bottle of water off a nearby counter, he takes a long drink... Tommy smiles. 

Tommy: welcome. Holiday hell is upon us and as you can see I'm getting ready for it. I tend not to usually send videos of me working out as I just find that that's so vain. However time is short and there's a few things on my mind that I want to say. Rex McAllister, a friend of mine once before told me "don't trust anybody"... That same friend turned on me because he feared that I would turn on him first to take the advantage and steal his WWX championship... The fact is that there is no trust in this game that we play... The truth is it's every man for himself when the big prize is in view... It is no secret that the big prize is in view as the winner of this upcoming battle between you and I determines who will go on to face the WWX Champion. Will it be you, will it be me? Is that really a question? You see I didn't make a return to just run a tag team reign with you Rex McAllister... I came back to get the Hall of Fame but also 2 one more time stand at the top of the mountain with the WWE Championship around my waste! You see as this battle has progressed I have done a lot of thinking... Originally I felt there was nothing more I needed to do... I'm a legend I'm a Hall of Famer... I'm a multiple-time champion... And a multiple whammy Award winner... But then I thought just how awesome it would be to one more time stand at the top of the mountain with the WWE Undisputed Championship around my waist!

Tommy does the belt around his waste taunt. 

Tommy: I suppose we can look forward to what you will have to say about all of this Rex... You will probably say how I'm a Legend and just another Legend you plan to destroy... You will probably say how the spotlight has left me and I'm nothing more than an empty shell having to face the truth that my day is done... You will probably say that 2018 is the year of Rexcellence, it's the year of Rex McAllister... There will be a lot of things you will probably say this week prior to our meeting at Holiday Hell, but don't think those words are going to fuel you in successfully defeating Tommy Lipton! 

Tommy shakes his head and waves his index finger. 

Tommy: in your mind you have this perception that I am a man of the past and that it is not my time anymore to be at the top of the mountain, you have this opinion that I should stand aside and be happy in retirement. You have this perception as I am an old dog needing to be put down that I am unable to defend myself or really give you the fight of your life. You have this perception that up until now you have shown me some kind of mercy... You have a perception

Tommy scratches his chin..

Tommy: I call it a perception because it is your personal view on the matter... infact it's really a lie, it's really deception you are trying to pull on all of us. You are deceiving these fans of the truth of the reality of the matter... The true fact is that you know that Tommy Lipton is not just any Legend you've gone against before... Tommy is unlike ANY MAN  you have gone against before... I'm a fueled up wrecking machine who has taken down men bigger than you, stronger than you and even more dangerous than you. I fight gracefully strategizing my every move, seeking every opportunity, a Mastermind inside the squared circle. 

Tommy takes a swig of his water and sets it down. He picks up the towel and wears it pressed to the back of his neck over both his shoulders hanging over his chest like a scarf. He shakes his head and rolls his eyes to the camera.

Tommy: you need to face facts, you are a one time world champion...  You are a two-time tag team champion, I won't get into who to thank for that! Really you've been going on and will probably go on this week talking about how this is Rex's  show and that I am just lying to myself to think that I can defeat you when in reality you should be kissing the wrestling gods that you have made it this far! Because next to me pal, you havent done shit all to truly be relevant. Your greatest success may have been claiming the WWX Championship, but your real spotlight came with being my tag team partner. What were you saying before to me the other night as we all stood backstage, oh Yeah, that you have had one of the longest reigns... previous to that it was Blain Evans who in fact defeated me in the Dutchmans Pit to start his reign. Remember Blain never had to deal with me cashing in a rematch clause for I stepped away and as for you... Rex, during your reign you never ever had to face me. Your days thinking no ones better than you will soon be over when you realize the man better than you is that of the man standing over you at Holiday Hell after you have been pinned to the mat for the... ONE... TWO... THREE!

Rex McAllister,
        I Am Coming...

fade to black...

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