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On Thu, Jan04, 2018 11:43am America/Phoenix
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{{The camera follows a snowy owl as it glides under the late morning sun, its wings spread wide as it looks below to the edge of a snowy cliff where Tommy Lipton is found sitting on a rock. He is in meditation as the camera comes to a focus on him he slowly opens his eyes. He looks out over the cliff to the frozen lake far below. He sports a winter coat and snow pants. He fixes his black gloves and pours a hot drink from his thermos. The steam from the drink floats into the cold air and his breath is visible as he exhales. He looks up to see the Owl perched on a tree.}}

Tommy: To be free as a bird, to be free... well that is what this week will be all about. To free myself from Rex McAllister and this series, Rex wants to talk about wasted words, wasted breaths.... How about a waste of time, because for me, this is a waste of time. But the games Rex and I played till now are coming to an end and he will learn just who Tommy Lipton is... What I am capable of doing to men who think thry have an easy victory in front of them. Soon I will be done this series and hopefully onto something a bit more important, Syndicate and that Undisputed Championship belt are waiting for me.  

{{He spreads his arms out}}

Tommy: I said what we could expect to hear from the Mighty McAllister, and I was right. Again he acts as though I have already lost, that I do not stand a chance... He brings up his luck he's had over this series, and how he can claim to have put me down back to back and humiliate me. Humiliated me... Really? I guess it goes back to that perspective... For such a tough man he had to hit me with a low blow last week in order to get the upper hand over me... And don't forget Round Two where I literally destroyed Rex McAllister in record time! Rex McAllister is still lying to all of you as he tells you that he will remove me from his way, hardly... Holiday Hell will bring light to the real truth. 

{{Tommy stands up and brushes off the snow from his ass, he walks closer to the edge and looks out toward the horizon.}}

Tommy: But reality is this, the future is not known, the horizon only knows what's in front of us. He and I only know that we have one last fight together and that we will give it our all. 
James Ranger has chosen to make this match an unsanctioned match... For those unsure what this means It means that the WWX claims zero responsibility for Rex or myself and our safety; in short an “anything goes, No Holds Barred” match! 
It means it's exactly perfect for how Rex McAllister and Tommy Liptons series will end! The winner is decided when the referee decides to intervene in the match and break it up, or a pin fall can also claim a victory, but basically an unsanctioned match means two men enter the ring and only one of them leaves by his own power!

{{Tommy turns to face the camera.}}

Tommy: Rex McAllister, you are so sure I cannot finish you, you are so sure that this series is going to you. However it will not go home with you, you'll head home alone because at Holiday Hell the cliff hanger we left my ever so faithful with a couple of weeks ago will be concluded and you will fail. I will unload everything I have against you, Syndicate can watch on to have a glimpse of what will be coming for him next! 

{{Tommy grabs the camera and gets face to face with it.}}

Tommy: To do or die... Rex wants to talk to me about pain, I can withstand the threshold of the worst pain Rex McAllister will deliver and then I will return fire with a disposing wrath that he will never in his mind possibly imagine. I'll not be coming to Holiday Hell as a past friend or former tag team partner, the brotherhood we had has gone up in flames and burned to Hell! Hell is where we will meet to finish this! It will not be Tommy Lipton being put down for good, Rex McAllister will finally be put into his place. I am a Legend and I am one of the greatest Legends of the WWX. Disposing of the men who have stepped up to me is a specialty of mine. How many can say that they made me tap or humiliated me? truthfully not many and for that reason after I drop the Mighty McAllister at Holiday Hell, he will still have a reason to hold his head high... but The barricade is up, the brick wall in the form of Tommy Lipton is here and Rex isn't going through me no matter what he thinks. 
Rex, I Am Coming! 

{{Tommy sits back down and looks up as the Owl flies off... Tommy looks down at the snow beneath his boot...}}


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