Recorded from Joseph Brant

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Thu, Jan11, 2018 9:20pm America/Phoenix
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Recorded from Joseph Brant
{{We find Tommy Lipton flicking through the channels as he sits up in his bed at Joseph Brant Hospital a day after Holiday Hell. Tommy Lipton' s face face and bruised arms show exactly how fierce the match was with his former Ally, Rex McAllister.}}

Tommy: Guess I didn't see that coming... Unsure, and somewhat baffled as to why Rickman would help Rex McAllister over a man who saved him, had his back and was getting him one heck of a job here in the WWX. But what is done is done. Now I hear justice was delivered and a rematch has been put forward with a new and exciting twist, our referee for the night is none other than the NEW WWX Undisputed Champion himself, Xavier Pendragon! Man how things have changed since I last was here running the show, I think Penny was at best a TV Title contender and now look at him, the top man, the World Champ! 
In away Xavier gets to decide who he will defend his belt against next, Rex or Tommy... Unless he plans to call this one right down the middle but I find that to be a rare occurance when it comes to special guest referees in the WWX. 

{Tommy takes a sip of his water that is placed on the table beside him. He looks out toward the window to the cold outdoors watching as the snowflakes drop past his window.}}

Tommy: I was so close had it not been for Rickmans interference and since I no longer have Rickmans back he currently is in the prison at hos former military base in Florida. He had one condition, to behave and to do as I said. Shame... Shame... 

{{Tommy stares at the camera and grins}}

Tommy: So come Ravage, Rickman won't save you from taking the loss that you should have received at Holiday Hell. You tried to manipulate the situation and it backfired and now more than ever you have pissed off the wrong guy. I may be banged up but believe this, I Am STILL Coming! 


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