Recovery from the attack

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Wed, Jan31, 2018 8:54pm America/Phoenix
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Recovery from the attack
(Following Ravage Mellon was rushed to the hospital for stitches and concussion tests. After a brutal beat down on Ravage, at the hands of Hex Girl, the title match has now been set for Aftershock in two weeks. The doctors quickly gave Mellon the clear to do a promo from his hospital bed following his first loss of 2018. An angry and frustrated Mellon looks up at the camera from his hospital bed and stares momentarily into the camera before speaking.)

Mellon: The little witch made her mark. Not only did she make her mark, but she left her mark. Adding insult to injury she shoved the signed contract in my mouth. An exclamation point on the signing, I suppose. I now know what I'm up against that she is willing to do anything and go to any lengths to make me suffer. Now the doctors have given me the ok to leave but urge me to take some time off. There is no time off to take. They want me off my feet for a month so they can monitor me and any possible damage done from last weekend. I only have a couple of weeks. She now put herself into the advantage. Given herself the upper hand. I am no longer 100% and the medical staff here, in California, has made it painfully clear that another attack like this may not end nearly as well for me. Apparently, I was lucky. 

(Mellon shifts in the bed to sit up a bit and grimaces while moving)

Mellon: If I move too fast I get a dizzy spell and pain shoots down my spine. You really let me have it. I don't know what else to say. I think the most disappointing part of it all was that Jake Devine walked away and moves on in the Crusade Cup tournament. Pathetic and frustrating. I had him right where I wanted him and you took it from me. You stripped me of my chance to move on. I really don't have anyone to blame but myself. I allowed myself to be distracted and then a small package later I was baffled. That gave you, Hex, the chance to sneak to the top rope and complete the task. Put the exclamation point on the...

(Suddenly the lights go out in the room. Panic ensues briefly before the lights come back up. Sitting on the foot of the bed is a box with a note on it to Bob Mellon. Mellon slowly sits up as the camera crew focuses in on him approaching the box. Mellon grabs the note and reads it in nervous and shaken whisper)

Mellon: "It's more powerful than god. More evil than the devil. The poor have it and the rich want it. If you eat it you'll die. It is what you will become at Aftershock." 

(Mellon looks up at the crew and back down at the card)

Mellon: Nothing. The answer to the riddle is nothing.

(Mellon quickly opens the box to find his International Title in the box. However, the title has been altered. Drawn on the center plate in running red spray paint is a hexagram. Mellon picks up his title, baffled and blown away. Completely shocked. He throws the title against the wall and sits back on his bed)

Mellon: Get out. All of you. Now. GET OUT!!

(The camera fades to black as Mellon sits in his bed staring at the wall. The mind games have begun and there is no turning back now)

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