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On Fri, Jul07, 2017 11:40pm America/Phoenix
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                                      -THE BLADE CLUB-

[The shot opens with grainy black and white footage of Blayde Archer wearing all black Blade Club Merchandise while standing in front of a Blade Club banner that consumes the backdrop. The International Championship Title is prominently on display over the right shoulder of the Blade Club leader. Blade Archer removes his black shades and a slow smile grows across his face.]


Mayhem last week… was a masterpiece! The first phase is complete by obtaining a crucial Championship accomplishment in the second most coveted and prestigious gold in this business.  Now, Finally The Blade Club have broken through the glass ceiling to show you all what a real Champion looks like. Fill did you really think we were coming into Mayhem without a better plan than yours? You were playing checkers while The Blade Club are playing chess and now the entire wrestling community is buzzing about what went down.  WWX Headquarters has been getting bombarded left and right with emails, phone calls, and tweets. Everyone is talking about us and for good reason.. The Blade Club broke numerous bones in Rayne’s body, at least from the reports I’ve read and strung him up on his own cross before delivering that final death blow that put him out of wrestling.  Now it is your turn Fill. It is time to reunite you with your former tag team partner and good friend, in the emergency room while we will continue our reign of dominance over the WWX. Dispute that all you want but facts don’t lie and words mean nothing…actions speak volumes. 

I am your current Undisputed International Champion…Ezra Zion will soon cinch our title shot opportunity for the WWX Tag Team Titles… and that’s just for now. Think of what it takes to be a champion…how much talent you need to be able to outlast everyone that is scratching and clawing to take away that very same thing you’re fighting to keep. Fill, you know that feeling all too well, don’t you?
 It’s not by some pure stroke of luck that The Blade Club are where we are right now…it’s that there is no one better. That’s just individually…think of how dominate we all become when the best in this business band together, because that is what you are all seeing before your very eyes. It might have started a month ago, but now it’s officially here in full flight. On Mayhem everyone gets to see just how good we are, because that’s when the fastest rising champion in WWX history makes an example and a statement at the same time by beating a former International and World Champion to a bloody pulp.

[Blayde Archer couldn’t bring himself to even mention his name and champion in the same sentence. It’s almost like there is pure disgust that he even let those words roll off his lips. He shakes his head and continues on.]

Despite my distain for you Fill, deep underneath that there is respect for you. How could I not when you are a multiple time former champion. I would be stupid not to give you your just due because winning Championships, that doesn’t happen by fluke. I know that you are coming for blood. That you are coming for revenge and retribution but you will not find it. Your fate will be the same one suffered by the tag team partner that stabbed you in the back. 
In order to succeed, it takes a man that knows what it takes to get the job done. No matter what it takes…a winner will do what needs to be done and  make sure to come out on top. Those are the people you need to watch out for…I’d know because I’m one of them. I am  also a man that doesn’t take any match lightly…whether it’s jerking the curtain or in the main event of World Series, there is an intensity about me in the ring  that never changes. It’s because the native Warrior blood in me loves a good f[bleep]ing fight…doesn’t matter where or who…I  just love inflicting pain. I thrive on it. The question you need to ask and solve Fill is, How are you supposed to beat a man with a bloodlust for violence when he is as talented as Blayde Archer? That’s the problem… you don’t! Check the records Fill. It is a proven fact of life that I just don’t lose but of course you are more than welcome to try and prove that to be false. I’m sure you’ll try and focus on being the first to put a loss on my record while I will be make sure you are going to end up with an IV in your arm and tubes up your nose at the end of the night…

[Archer rubs both hands together and by the look on his face, you can tell that the wheels are spinning in his head.]

I don’t just beat people. I BEAT people. 

[The added emphasis and intensity spoken in the word is not lost on the viewers.]

You can look back from my very first opponent in Redneck Rick, who no longer has a wrestling career thanks to me, to the most recent casualty in the Arch Angel himself, Rayne who ironically could also be without a wrestling career, courtesy of the Blade Club. My body of work speaks for itself and if there is one thing I do better than anyone, it’s make people bleed. Hurting people is what we do. More than a few WWX superstars have already experienced their last match in this business at my hands. It is something that James Bourne, Maxfield Stanton and WWX management can’t be too happy with either because soon enough there won’t be enough warm bodies to put on a weekly television show. 

Now I am not saying that I will end Fill’s career, but I wouldn’t say it would be surprising either. This week is all about proving our dominance the Blade Club has over the WWX.. So Ezra Zion and I will be looking to show just why we are the alpha males around here. Fill, if you don’t want to end up in that hospital bed next to Rayne, you better make damn sure you are at your best… because anything less just won’t cut it when you are dealing with the Blade Club.  Not that your best will be enough for victory, it wont be but you will need your best for your own survival. Whether you realize it or not, you will be fighting for your life and wrestling career. 

Don’t worry though, Stress boy. Soon enough you can go back to the irrelevance you’ve had since losing those championships you held last year. Trust me…you want to being irrelevant…because if we make you famous, it means that you’ll be leaving this ring strapped to a backboard and placed on a stretcher. Mayhem will be when the wrestling world sees just how good the Blade Club  is…and unfortunately for Fill…You will have first hand knowledge of it. Hopefully, for your sake, when it’s over you’ll be able to pass that along to everyone you know. That you were the first of many to fall…but at least survived to tell about it. If I have anything to do about it…you won’t even have that opportunity. 

[-fade to black-]

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