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On Thu, Aug10, 2017 9:56pm America/Phoenix
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The scene pans in near front edge of the boat that we had seen in Tommy Lipton's video, as "Roads Untraveled" by Linkin Park plays in the background. The camera is slowly panning in on a relaxed Rex McAllister. Rex is sporting khaki Shorys, flip flops, and an opened-button-down tie-dye shirt and black sunglasses. Rex is shown leaning one of the bars of the boat, as he hears Tommy and the two ladies from a distance. 

Rex slowly tilts his head and looks to the camera. A grin grows upon his face as he slowly removes his sunglasses, and then hangs them on his empty pocket of his khakis.

Rex McAllister: It's been a great ride, this run that the Lipton-McAllister tandem has been on. From the very beginning, the only things that mattered were righting the ship and saving the tag team division. 

Rex nods reassuringly as he looks out at the open sea in front of him.

Rex McAllister: If you had the chance to look around at the time that this prominent team came to be, you had a completely different environment. One that was mostly revolved around two guys and two guys only. Syndicate and Kurtis Ray. 

Rex pauses pondering for a moment before continuing.

Rex McAllister: At the time, one reigned on top as the Undisputed World Champion, while the other was the TV Champion. Both were going through a sort of attitude adjustment, trying to get the universe to look at them differently. It was almost as if they were making that a point of emphasis, regardless of what was going on in WWX as a whole. Two men who need to pander endlessly to their own egos just to feel important. 

Rex shakes his head in disbelief, as he is shown looking toward his relaxed tag partner and has a slight chuckle before looking back toward the camera.

Rex McAllister: Yeah, and obviously an argument can be made that myself and Tommy Lipton aren't any different, but the truth is, we are. We've proved it, as a unit. We proved that we could but our individual agendas aside long enough to do whatever it took to keep this company going, but not just going...going strong. Yet months ago it was all about two of the most egomaniacal individuals you could place in such positions they were in. 

Rex McAllister: Now don't get me wrong, both are a couple of the most talented you will find on any roster anywhere in the world, and when I returned I openly respected the position they were both in as individuals. So at the time it was myself and Tommy Lipton that took it upon ourselves to take on the challenge of putting the Tag Team division back on the map. We both agreed that it was an endeavor that needed our undivided attention, relentless, and unyielding dedication to making tag team wrestling great again.

Rex McAllister: Soon teams started taking notice of what me and my pal Tommy were doing, and they would come together, or like 420 comes out of the woodwork to try and knock us off the perches we sat upon, and you know what? That's what we wanted, that was the point of taking two prominent names such as ours, and generating excitement, influence, and longevity for this division while being the very foundations by which this company thrives.

Rex turns around, and leans against the bar, crossing his arms at his chest, with his trademark smirk looking elsewhere. Rex then looks back toward the camera.

Rex McAllister: Now look at us. We're now two times a tag champion, while Kurtis Ray's flavor of the month run has long ended, while Syndicate struggles mightily just to make that little hunk of gold he wears mean anything to anybody other than Krimzon Blaze, and that's fine for the time being. I normally don't have a whole lot of disparaging things to say about Legends. However, even as Syndicate is fielded with a fresh set of challengers, those challengers aren't much different from Kurtis in terms of their individual agendas. None them have any redeemable qualities about them that would suggest that they are the long term solution at the top.

Rex McAllister: So while my pal over there has decided to branch out a bit again, things are fixing to change, especially after he succeeds in fulfilling his desires, because I feel it's only fair that I do the same, and soon I will make my intentions known to world.

Rex McAllister: As for you, 420, I'm shocked that out of all the teams that have either disbanded, or left the company, you two are still here. Still trying to make your mark since your unceremonious return to the ring after the half ass job you two did as co-GMs for Fury. I mean, just when Fury was supposed to be picking up again, just like you two did several eons ago, Fury then just fizzled out. 

Rex chuckles lightly to himself, as he now starts walking slightly to the opposite end of the boat, his hands firmly planted deep into the pockets of his khaki shorts.

Rex McAllister: Since then the only thing of note that you've done is snuff out a single win against us, but that was in the era, albeit short, of Tanno Waters who gave you a shot at us that you didn't deserve, and certainly when the chips have been up for grabs, you two have come up short. That's the reality of the situation. Why? 

Rex pauses a moment, as if he is looking for an answer. Then he shrugs.

Rex McAllister: Figure it out for yourselves, but the writing on the wall is obvious gentlemen. You see, while you two have been on this endless climb up that never ending mountain hoping to even come close to what we have accomplished as champions of this division, we have been constantly setting the example, the blueprint for every other individual or team to follow. Is there a possibility that you could beat us? Sure, it's been done before, I'm sure your thinking that indeed it could be done again. I just wouldn't count on it too much, because every time we have failed to accomplish our goal in that ring we've been able to redeem ourselves in a big way, but not everything is redeemable, as you both will find out for yourselves soon enough.

Rex McAllister: The bottomline to everything I've been saying over these last several minutes, as I take time out of my day to address you, is that this tandem has made the necessary sacrifices to be in the position we are now as the most dominant, renowned tandem, and biggest names in the game, period. While you were dealing with cookie-cutter talents such as Bishop Polaris and Tom Black, or Glorious Gajin and Super Bacon, you had to know that none of those experiences could possibly prepare you for us, and no challenge really can because we are simply in a league of our own, and on Fury, the newly reshaped Fury, the Lipton-McAllister tandem will show the world once more exactly why by once again sending you two tumbling right back down to the bottom of the mountain from which you came. I guarantee it.

A grin grows upon Rex's face as he exudes confidence

Rex McAllister: Now that was... Rexcellent!

Rex looks out once more at the open sea, nodding his head with approval as he walks out of the shot that slowly fades.


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