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On Thu, May25, 2017 9:07pm America/Phoenix
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(A screen suddenly comes to life as music starts to play. The screen says "08 - Goya no Machiawase - Hello Sleepwalker" and someone can be heard singing along in Japanese. An engine drones in the background, and the camera draws back to reveal the dashboard of a car. The camera is suddenly covered by a hand and is turned to show Glorious Gaijin, dressed in a stunning approximation of Speed Racer's outfit, pulling his hand away. He is obviously focused on driving, but he turns enough of his attention to the camera to afford a small wave.)

GAIJIN: Konnichiwa....... Ah so....

(He fumbles for a toggle on a lever that doesn't really appear to be connected to anything, flipping it up to reveal a red button, which lights up when he presses it.)

GAIJIN (VO): Guten tag.

(Gaijin jumps, obviously surprised at the heavy German accent. He taps the button again, his expression completely obscured by his mask, though he can be heard chattering in Japanese under his breath. Suddenly his face turns back to the window and he yelps, cranking the wheel and zooming past a car visible through the driver's side window.)

GAIJIN (VO): I'll have to talk to the people who set this up, I wasn't expecting German... Suppose that's what I get for driving a BMW.

(The accent is somewhat less strong than before, so Gaijin shrugs, leaning back in the seat and pressing into the pedals, earning the satisfying roar of a revving engine.)

GAIJIN (VO): So. Tom Black. You and I are scheduled to clash once more on Mayhem, and so far the only thing anyone has heard from either of us is a video clip where you're looking for Tommy Lipton, Rex McAllister, and Bishop Polaris. You seem to have forgotten that you and I are competitors and instead have written me off before we clash once more. Last time you got me on a bad week, and you seem to think you've proven superiority over glory, but you're about to get a harsh lesson.

(Gaijin shifts gears, the engine roaring even louder.)

GAIJIN (VO): Wrestling and racing have a lot in common. Bth are dangerous. Both require a very high degree of situational awareness. Both have their fans. And often, in both cases fans are coming to see if someone crashes and burns. In the ring like in a race you have good days and not so good days, but the key to success is to watch your rpms, start turning a little earlier than you think you need to, and you alays make sure you keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. Otherwise you're liable to crash and burn.

(Another car is overtaken through the window and Gaijin waves at it, before quickly turning his eyes back to the window.)

GAIJIN (VO): You've already taken your eyes off the road, Tom Black. You've allowed yourself to get caught up in the scenery, and you haven't even noticed that you're headed headlong into a devastating crash. You may have bested me the last time we faced off in the ring, but let's be real. You're not Michael Schumacher. You're not even Pastor Maldonado. You're a fill-in driver for a team that's given up hope. You don't have to win, you just have to show up and finish the race. When it comes to Mayhem, showing up and finishing the race won't work in your favor. Cause this time around, I'm the hero. I'f Speed Racer, and you're the monkey in the trunk. And would you like to know what I think about that?

(Gaijin reaches over and presses the button again, causing it to go dark. He flashes a victory sign at the camera, cranking the car into a drift.)


(All of a sudden the windows go dark, replaced with the words "YOU WIN!". Gaijin climbs out of the 'car,' revealing it to be an elaborate simulator in an arcade. Several people are gathered around, waiting for their turn on the machine, though Gaijin's outfit seems to be gathering a lot of attention. The camera pans back to the dashboard as the song comes to an end and switches to the next track.)

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