Reflection and change of heart

Roleplay Roleplay by TWIST
On Thu, May17, 2018 5:39am America/Phoenix
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Reflection and change of heart
The scene opens at a cabin in the woods. We see the outside of the cabin and what seems like Twistís truck park outside. The camera operator walks into the cabin to find Twist sitting by the fire with a beer and Oakley the dog sitting by his feet. 

Twist: Well I reconsidered my actions this past Monday on Rampage. I was going to help Dragonfly win the Hardcore Championship and take it from him myself but after some refection and soul searching, I decided against that. Instead, I screwed him out of the title. Such a better choice donít you think? Here is the thing flyboy, you are just a kid in a stupid outfit trying to play super hero. You are in my world now boy! This is pro wrestling not a damn video game. I take this seriously and you had better start too. This Monday night will not be a game. We are going to step into that ring and we are going to fight. You had better bring your big boys pants because one of us in leaving on a stretcher and I can guarantee you that it will not be me. 

Twist takes a sip of his beer, pets Oakley and looks at his phone.

Twist: It is so nice when no one can reach me out here. With that said, get the hell out.
Camera leaves and scene ends. 

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