Refocused & Redifined

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Wed, Nov22, 2017 8:39pm America/Phoenix
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Refocused & Redifined
???: So Euan Milton beat me and he actually did it on his own without trying to cut any corners or cheat to win. For that Euan, you have my respect. Now that my thoughts about that are out the way, let's shift our attention to our new challenger, the WWX TV Champ, Fozzy Ozbourne.

Xavier comes into camera view. He continues to look out a window.

XAVIER: Since you have came into the WWX, you have done nothing but piss a few people off. What did you do to piss them off...I do not know...nor do I care. All I know is I'm facing a man who held a title I once held. A championship title that held honor and respect. While it is true I am the current Race for the Case Winner, I'm not even going to factor that into our match on Ravage, nor am I going to factor in the TV Title. But if I REALLY wanted to, I would simply beat you and take your championship anyway. Fortunately for you however, you are not my target for this case.

Xavier paces back and forth on the porch. He breathes a sigh of content before continuing his thoughts.

XAVIER: "The Trend Killer" Fozzy Ozbourne. The reigning WWX Television. Since becoming champion, he's gotten the big head, and who can really blame the guy. In the first few matches he's been here, he becomes champion so of course he's gonna have the big head. He's gonna continue to feed people the lie that Ravage or Wreckage is his show and with him being the TV champ he gets all the TV time he wants. If he spends his time training more than he does talking, he actually might be enjoyable to watch. But then again, this is Fozzy we're talking about here. There's nothing enjoyable about him. This will simply be another rookie who just so happens to get lucky and win a few key matches early on until he or she is hit like a Mack truck with a big dose of reality. That Fozzy, is your future. That is your fate. It will surely come for you. Come time for Ravage, I am your opponent. Unlike the people you faced in the past, be ready to fight. Don't think for one second that you can just upstraight, downright beat me. If you think that, then you already lost.

Xavier goes back inside and grabs his jacket and his keys.

XAVIER: See you at Ravage.

scene fades

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