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[Highlights of Hall of Pain surface, focusing in on the Race For The Case Elimination Chamber Match where Xavier Pendragon at the closing of the match won the Case, leaving Krimzon Blaze to be eliminated early on in the match.]

[Fast Forward to the present.]

[The scene opens overlooking the Chamber from that night as the ring technicians and other personnel are tearing the ring down as the Chamber looms above them, as the camera zooms in to "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze, sitting alone in the stands, hoodie over his head as he looks around the empty arena.]

KB: My one shot.

[KB leans back in his chair.]

KB: The chance to finally catapult back into the stratosphere of WWX and get back into the World Title hunt.

But as you can tell, I sit here with no briefcase.

Just another notch added to the losing column of mine.

[KB sighs, taking a deep breath.]

KB: It's time I just need to refocus and gather myself for the things to come.

I can't expect things to just fall into my lap because of my resume that I've built for myself.

[KB takes a quick drink from a water bottle that was near his feet before placing the bottle back down beside him.]

KB: Throughout the history of WWX, I've always been one of the constant performers that nobody else can really touch.

I find myself in deep thought about what is it that I'm missing...

I can't figure that out without having to step back, re-evaluate my stature, then plan my next course of action.

[KB then looks over at the camera now, his attention captured.]

KB: It seems as though I'm scheduled for the Jason Bourne Tag Team Invitational where the winning team will advance ever so closer to the Tag Titles.

I've only ever held them once in my career to complete the Grand Slam that very few individuals in WWX ever obtain in their illustrious careers, but I can atest to the fact that I've done it.

After all...

[KB smirks.]

KB: I'm a Hall of Famer for a reason.

I'm teamed up with Fozzy Osbourne, the new Television Champion against the likes of Beatrice and Super Bacon.

Fozzy, I don't give commendations that often, but it seems to me you have a problem with the fact that you don't trust me because you'd rather go solo.

I can respect that, be the man you want to be and get noticed in short fashion.

Well, seeing as though we have an understanding about one's intentions, I'm willing to lend you a hand in going after those Tag Team Straps.

You watch my back, I'll watch yours type deal.

[KB then turns his attention back to the Chamber.]

KB: For you see Beatrice... 


As of Hall of Pain, the Krimzon Blaze that everyone knows all too well... 

He's changed.

His focus is and always will be the World Championship, but that focus has taken a swift detour.

International Champion Bob Mellon.

[KB smiles, his toothy grin present now all over his face.]

KB: Should I fail in this mini tag-team tournament, I'm coming after you Mellon.

We're both former IWA World Champions, and for good reason - We're the best that WWX has to offer, and that International Belt is closest to the World Title.

One more reign of that championship would look nice on my already legendary career, so what do you say Mellon?

Krimzon Blaze versus Bob "The Beast" Mellon one on one for the International Championship.

It'd be a sure fire way for me to get my head back on track, and to make the all important first step into regaining my footing towards the World Title.

I leave that challenge up to you.

As far as Ravage goes...


Super Bacon.

Consider yourselves on notice.

Fozzy and I will become the next WWX World Tag Team Champions.


...Of The Mighty Death Pop!

[KB continues looking over the Chamber from his seat as the scene slowly fades to black.]

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