Refresher Course To Steady Success

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Refresher Course To Steady Success
I wish i could find the old rules that i had years ago, but i will say them now to clarity and hopefully understanding amongst the entire roster and those peeking the site now:

Each Handler, while it states you can have as MANY characters as you want....should focus on one main character to avoid burnout. It is one thing if you're not winning your matches and you think a fresh start is needed, but don't juggle more than you can handle if you burnout faster.

Burning out and leaving, only to come back after a period...resets your progress in my books. Just like the more recent WWE2k game for MyCareer: You leave, unless your storyline was red-hot when you left, you're gotta prove to me that you still got it.

Entitlement. I don't believe i have any on the roster with this mindset, but let me frank: GET LOST. There's a method to my madness in how and when each of you get your pushes and eventual championship title match. If you feel otherwise, provide the evidence that states it privately in my email. I will review it and correct what needs to be corrected. It is not going to happen right away, but you will get what i promised you. Demanding gets you nowhere other than a slower start.

Booking. If you feel like you're ready to move up the ladder, you gotta beat the ones i place in front of you. Fresh off of Hall of Pain, i have currently 3 very CAPABLE champions, one of them with all respect, is as old as this fed itself. The gatekeepers serve to test you to see if you are ready to hold the belt. Its not coming off them unless you meet the expectations, which leads to the following...

Storylines, Divisions, Effort, Strategy.

Storylines are your creative clause in this efed. You and whoever you wish to duke it out with to the next PPV need to reach an agreement on how to progress both your characters, and either discuss in front of me on Facebook via Messenger, via Email, or eventually when everyone gets on Discord, on there. If I create the storyline for you, its to help you get to where you want, but don't slack off.

Divisions, they're back! With the way everyone puts in work, it needed to be done properly. Only so many people get up to World, so many to International, and so on. Television is fair game to anyone of any skill. I took away the perks of vacating the belt, cause quite frankly, the prestige of that belt has fallen in my eyes. That goes for the International as well. Evaluate yourselves each card as i will be doing them same and deciding where to book you on the cards based on the Big E.

Effort. Just like anything in life, you want something bad enough, you gotta put in the work. Those titles are not gonna be hot potato'd this year with most of you structed into divisions. That being said what you put into this fed is what you get. The Crusade Cup and the Race For The Case, despite the award that comes with both, still require effort, both of those require a combination of promos and excellent strategy.

Strategy. You can still send in those little tidbits of what you wanna do each show, not going to tell you no. This time around, whoever is your target...if they're not in a going get the chance to pay you back next card. Think about yourself and how much you wanna make a impact in this fed, but know folks are gonna wanna return the favor.

Segments on Card: If it has your name on it, get with me immediately to discuss what you're going to type out for the show. This is my way of keeping you busy if you're not in a match. Some of them can potentially be a feud starter. Take advantage of that. On Wreckage, segments are open to anyone if i don't post any names on the card. Television Champ is the only one that has to be that active on Wreckage, as that's how prestigious that championship should be treated by the holder.

Discord/Facebook: Link is provided for everyone to join Discord, there's real excuse not to. Ravage will be aired on Discord(TV) Live this Saturday at 4 pm WWX Time. Continued heads up of things will still happen on Facebook occcassionally, but look to the main site and on Discord for information.

WWX Heat is popping on Discord and i think yall could use it more often lol

Catch ya.
- Floyd


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