Regarding the Superstar Tag Team Tournament

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On Sun, Oct15, 2017 3:35pm America/Phoenix
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Regarding the Superstar Tag Team Tournament
***********WWX Breaking News**********

[The camera opens up backstage showing Paige Taylor standing near WWX Headquarters. With a paper in hand, she begins speaking].

Taylor: After quite a wild week in WWX, I have been given the official teaming's for the tag team tournament that will commence beginning at Fury and concluding at Hall of Pain. Here are the teams as follows. Understand these teams are in no real order.

1) Rayne and Fill

2) 420 (Matt Glazebrook & Gary Tinordi)

3) Xavier Pendragon & ? (Person has requested to be anonymous)

4) Beatrice & Super Bacon

5) Bob "The Beast Mellon" & Darkness

6) Jester & Willie Steen

7) Fozzy Osbourne & Krimzon Blaze

8) Hex Girl & Syndicate

9) Jake Devine & Korath

10) Kurtis Ray and Kailee

Taylor: These ten teams will be competing through the weeks leading to a final two teams. We all know that this is not going to sit well with some of the talent, but Bourne said "Nothing I love man than a good argument" when asked about his pairings. With WWX, this is Paige Taylor. 

[The camera fades to black]


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