Respect The Iron Fist!

Roleplay Roleplay by GIANT KHOKLOV
On Thu, May11, 2017 8:42am America/Phoenix
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Respect The Iron Fist!
[Vladimir Abakumov is pacing up and down the hallway, the camera watching his every movements. He starts to talk with his high pitched squeaky Russian voice. Giant Khoklov as usual is no-where to be seen, presumably training ahead of his match this Sunday.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Respect the Staff...

[It soon becomes evident that Abakumov is talking to himself. Repeating the words over and over again in his head.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Respect the Staff... Respect the Staff... Respect the Staff... Respect the Staff...

[He then stops pacing and stares towards the camera with a questionable glare.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Respect the Staff? Fill you may respect the staff but it isn't really the thing you SHOULD be respecting. In the end the only thing you WILL have to respect though is the Iron Fist of Giant Khoklov raining down upon your battered skull.

[He raises his minuscule fist up to the camera.]

Vladimir Abakumov: You may be a former World Champion, but my client is the current ass kicker of WWX! So come this Sunday when both you and my client collide he will not spare you from your doomed fate! The chain reaction continues and ends when one two three is counted with your shoulders on the mat.

[He raises his fingers now as though doing 1, 2, 3.]

Vladimir Abakumov: No remorse is going to stop him from once again crushing you under the weight of the Moscow Piledriver, he has done it once. What's going to stop him from doing it... AGAIN?

[He shakes his head at the camera.]

Vladimir Abakumov: I almost feel bad for you, I mean, I wouldn't want to be on the bad side of the Russian Monster. He would even crush me without thinking twice if I ever turned on him so what makes you think you shall escape the harsh beating when he hates you entirely?

[Vladimir looks down upon his shiny black boots, then looks up remembering something.]

Vladimir Abakumov: You also related my client to a tree, and that you are the lumberjack ready to cut him down. Well let's talk statistics for a second, over a 22-year span, an average of 5,650 lumberjacks get killed on the job EVERY YEAR in the stupid nation of America. This makes it one of America's most dangerous jobs, now what kills these 5,650 lumberjacks every year? Crocodiles? Birds? Or worse chickens?

[He laughs to himself at his terrible joke.]

Vladimir Abakumov: No, it's the trees.

[He smirks towards the camera, his red shades falling to the bottom of his nose until his eyes can be seen.]

Vladimir Abakumov: So come Mayhem, you can try and cut this tree down. But just like the 5,650 lumberjacks before you. You will fail...

[He laughs maniacally.]

Vladimir Abakumov: And the tree shall crush once more!

[The camera fades to black. Can Fill live up to his words come this Sunday and cut down the tree? Or will Khoklov stand tall again?]

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