Respect The Staff

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On Tue, May09, 2017 3:18am America/Phoenix
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Respect The Staff
[ The segment takes place in the backstage area of an arena. The camera catches Fill just as he is having a conversation with someone from WWX's staff members. As Fill notices the camera, he smiles ]

Fill: Hey, you arrived right on time. I wanted to show you, and everyone else watching something.

[ He reaches for the staff member and asks him to get closer so the camera can see him better ]

Fill: This is Dan. Dan is one of the many people who work for WWX. He is a travel agent, he makes our traveling arrangements much easier. I am happy that Dan's here to help out, and instead of using him to make a point, I'll shake his hand.

[ Fill shakes Dan's hand and nods his head in appreciation ]

Fill: Thank you Dan, keep up the good job.

Dan: No problem.

[ Dan walks away and Fill tends back to the camera ]

Fill: Next up is a person, who unfortunately you can't see. If you see him, that would make it much harder to keep track of what's going on. After all, he is the cameraman. What's your name man?

Cameraman: Oh, it's Mike.

Fill: Mike...well then Mike, thank you for doing such a good job as well. Keep it up. Now would you please follow me, I want to show a few more people before this is over.

[ They walk on and reach the doctor's office. Fill knocks on the door and is met by an elderly man.

Doctor: Oh, hello. How can I help you?

Fill: Hey doc, just needed your help with a little something. Do you remember how many times you've had to check on me, after all the bumps, chair shots, table breaks and so on?

Doctor: Fill, if I had to count every time you've come here, or anyone else for that matter, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my job now would I?

Fill: Gotta love this guy, well anyway, if it wasn't for this man right here, who knows what could've happened. Concussions, broken body parts, organ problems, things could've gone from the ring to the grave. Thanks Doc.

[ Fill taps the doctor on the shoulder, before leaving him to his work. They continue and before they reach another part of the area ]

Fill: Since we're not allowed in that part of the area, I'll just say it quickly, that there is where the production truck is, where several people make sure that show gets aired without issues, that our microphones work, I can go on and on, but you get the picture, so thank you production team for making all of this possible. 

[ After saying that, Fill's expressions changes to a more serious look ]

Fill: So, the lesson in all of this is - don't prove a point by beating up the WWX staff members, be grateful that they do their damn jobs. Unlike some people who prefer to do the exact opposite, just to prove some "chain reaction" theory. You know Abakumov, I agree, one thing always leads to another, but when you get hit by a chair - you don't go around and attack "the weak". So what you need to do is understand the definition of strength in this business. You get booked in a show, then you win matches, then you get titles shots, and then you beat the champions for those titles. When you get interviewed - you can look good, bad, sad, happy, you can look however the hell you want. You just talk, not choke the damn interviewer. You wanna hear it in a language you might understand better? 

Fill: Ne napadai skapania jurnalist. [translated from Bulgarian to English: don't attack the damn journalist]

Fill: You wanna take your damn frustration out on someone, do it in the ring. And next time you get into Xander Adams' face, just remember, he's the General Manager, not your big boy Khoklov. You wanna talk big, let him do the talking next time. Although I'd prefer we get the talking over with, and get to Mayhem, where Khoklov has to learn how to take a loss like a man, and not kill anyone afterwards.

[ Fade to black ]

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