Responding to Hex Girl

Roleplay Roleplay by EMILY WATERS
On Wed, Jul04, 2012 10:14am America/Phoenix
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Responding to Hex Girl
[We see Emily Waters, lying on a couch reading the latest issue of "Reader's Digest". She's wearing a lace white dress, with high-heeled white leather boots reaching the middle of her tibia. She notices the camera, and puts down her magazine]

Emily: Why hello there. Perfect timing.

[Emily starts stroking some scars on her right arm as she talks]

Emily: I'm happy that the WWX Board of Directors saw that I deserve to be guest General Manager of Fury. Too bad I'm not allowed to book myself against Fallen Angel for the title, but this is a good compromise.

[Emily looks at the camera]

Emily: Hex, you wondered who I pissed off in the booking office. The answer is simple: no-one. I want to get warmed up for my big match, so I decided I'd choose my sister, for should I still be too weak too fight by the time Fury comes, I will rest assured that the title will be in the hands of Fate's Warning.

[Emily strokes her hair behind her ear]

Emily: And Hex - give me all you got. I don't want any mercy. That would be too easy. But rest assured that I, too, will give it everything I got. I don't just simply lose without putting on a fight. Like you said, in Fate's Warning we may be sisters, but you know that Lord Darkson wants us to put that aside in the ring. I hope you're prepared.

[Emily goes back to reading her issue of Reader's Digest]


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