Return of the Norseman

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Wed, Aug02, 2017 4:13pm America/Phoenix
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Return of the Norseman
*Scene Opens in a forest glade, the well muscled form of Korath stands with with his back to the camera, his arms crossed over his chest. A light wind blows, making his long red hair and waist cloth whip about in an epic fashion. After a moment like this he begins speaking.

"It's been far too long since I've heard the call to war, since the need for battle has boiled my blood. For one such as myself, combat is necessary. For one such as myself the need to be the greatest is a constant. And so I have returned to the arena from my long exodus, I will not stop until I have gained the ultimate prize in the WWX, I will not stop util I am the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion."

Korath then turns to face the camera, letting his arms fall to his sides as he does, fresh scars crisscross his heavily defined torso. His usual jovial expression replaced by one of determination.

"For many months I have traveled the world trying to slake my thirst for excitement. I tried many things that were new to me such as MMA and acting. The former being too boring as there were too many rules and the latter driving my insane because the film was an abomination. I did go back to my competition days and win several strongman competitions, but nothing could satisfy me. I could not contain my need any longer and so...I have returned."

Korath gives a small chuckle and his expression shifts to a grin that would frighten the weak willed. He raises his massive hands to his chest and cracks his knuckles before throwing his arms out wide and continuing.

"I have seen many new faces on the roster so I am going to properly introduce myself. I am Korath, The Nordic Nightmare, The Red Wolf of Kiruna, and when I enter the arena the fans are on their feet howling and screaming because they know they are getting their monies worth. I have been champion many times, but one belt has eluded me, and when my business with the Blade Club is finished I am coming for it. I see that Syndicate is still holding the belt, and if what am hearing is correct he is a great champion. Syndicate, when the time comes and you are still champion, I will be coming for you. When I do one of us will walk away having done something that we haven't accomplished. I will be champion, or you will have finally defeated me."

Korath stalks forward, getting down to eye level with the camera.

'Regardless of how the next several weeks go, everyone who stands in my way will learn a very important lesson...



...Beware the Beast"

*Scene Ends

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