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On Fri, Feb02, 2018 8:33pm America/Phoenix
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Just after Ravage....

*The camera comes to life inside the Long Beach Arena, more precisely inside the room where the WWX doctors are stationed. Darkness can be seen sitting on a table with a doctor and a nurse hovering around him. The doctor is flashing a light into Darkness' eyes as the nurse is cleaning the blood off his forehead.*

Doctor: I need you to follow my finger with just your eyes.

*The doctor begins moving his finger from side to side as Darkness follows as instructed. The nurse continues to clean the area around the gash that was caused by the chair. The doctor holds up three fingers in front of Darkness*

Doctor: How many fingers am I holding up?

Darkness: Four... 

*Darkness blinks a couple times and shakes his head a little*

Darkness: No, you are holding up three fingers.

Doctor: Just as I thought. I believe you have a slight concussion. I would like to follow up with you in a few days to check you again before I clear you to wrestle again. Nurse can you stitch him up, please.

*As the nurse begins stitching Darkness up the camera fades.*

The next day.....

*The camera comes to life inside a plush room inside the Hotel Indigo. Darkness is seen sitting on the corner of the bed staring down at the floor. He is wearing nothing but a pair of jeans.*

Darkness: Kurtis, you know what, you got the best of me Saturday night at Ravage. That chair shot you gave me finally knock some sense into me. Here I am through these past two months underestimating everybody. I underestimated you, Rayne, Syndicate, Korath, Lipton, and Rex McAllister. I took Y'all too lightly. I sat back and expected nothing more than a victory for myself and what did it get me. A number of losses and only one victory against Tom Black. A victory I could care less about because it was against... how shall I put this... Tom Black.

*Darkness looks up, you can still see the slightly glazed look in his eyes from the concussion. Darkness reaches up and rubs the bandage on his head that is covering the four stitches he received.*

Darkness: I could care less and for that matter, the whole WWX universe could care less about why you attack me. It's the way it works Kurtis. I guess in your eyes I screwed you out of the Undisputed championship so you figured you would do the same. Well, Kurtis, the cycle can continue or it can end right here. I say it ends. The WWX universe has seen enough of the outside interference and it looks like Ranger is in no position to be able to stop it. 

*Darkness gets up off the bed and makes his way over to the nightstand. He picks up a pill bottle, opens it, and shakes out a couple pills into his hand. He then pops them in his mouth and takes a swallow of water from a water bottle that was next to the pill bottle.*

Darkness: You know Kurtis. You come out here and talk about moral support. Does Syndicate come out during my matches? Why yes he does. Does he give support during my matches? Hell, yes he does. Him giving me support is no different than you coming out here on your make believe hype train and hyping the crowd up. The crowd is your moral support system. Will they ever interfere in a match? Not likely but that chance could come when one fan gets that notion. I know what you are thinking Kurtis. That is never going to happen in my matches. Well Kurtis, with the way you hype them up with that big choo-choo of yours it could happen. I could be derailing the beloved hype train and a deranged fan could get pissed and wham bam thank you, mam... another chair to the head. So I think your moral support outnumbers mine by a long shot.

*Darkness  walks back to the corner of the bed and sits back down. He rubs his head once again as he looks back down towards the floor.*

Darkness: Either I'm going crazy or this concussion is giving me more problems than I thought. I just can't believe what my ears heard. It's got to be the concussion. What did you call me Kurtis? Where did you ge that name from? Did you just pull that name out of thin air? Throughout my whole ten years in the WWX never has my real name been spoken. Not even once was it partially mentioned. Did you hit yourself on the head with that chair when you hit me? I think you are losing it more than me. I mean to come up with a name out of thin air or did one of your beloved hype train passengers feed you that name. It doesn't matter Kurtis, just know that you are dead wrong.

*Darkness looks up from the floor. The glazed look is still in his eyes but so is a look of determination now.*

Darkness: You know what Kurtis the name doesn't matter. All that matters now is determination. When it is all said and done, determination will take me back to the top and it all begins on Ravage against you. Kurtis, that is the revelation and the revelation is coming.

*Darkness falls back onto the bed and stares up at the ceiling as the camera fades to black.*

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