Revelation Stops For No Train

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Sat, Feb03, 2018 12:37am America/Phoenix
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Revelation Stops For No Train
Friday afternoon...

*The camera comes to life inside the Staples Center. Once again it is inside a small room where the WWX doctor resides. Darkness is once again sitting on a table. He is dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt. The doctor is looking over Darkness' medical records as the nurse carefully takes off the bandage. The doctor sits the medical records down on a smaller table and walks over to Darkness.*

Doctor: So I see you had a slight concussion the last time I saw you.

Darkness: That's right doc. The headaches have subsided mostly but the dizziness is still there when I stand up to fast.

Doctor: Yes, that will probably last a couple more days but let us check you out to make sure I don't want to send you back into that ring to early and risk permanent damage.

*The doctor begins his examination of Darkness. The doctor first flashes the light into Darkness' eyes and after that, he asks Darkness to follow his finger with just his eyes. Darkness complies as the doctor moves his finger from side to side. Then the doctor holds up two fingers.*

Doctor: How many fingers am I holding up?

Darkness: Two.

Doctor: Very good. Now let's check those stitches.

*The doctor looks at the stitches and then ask the nurse to reapply a fresh bandage.*

Doctor: The stitches are looking good but they need to stay in a couple more days. Now as far as that concussion, I still don't feel good about letting you wrestle.

Darkness: Well Doc, I respect your decision but Kurtis is mine this Saturday. 

*The nurse finishes with the bandage as Darkness hops off the table and leaves the room. The camera fades as Darkness shut the door behind him.*

Later that night...

*The camera comes to life just outside the Staples Center. It is a brisk 60 degrees outside with a slight breeze blowing on this February night. Darkness is walking down the sidewalk when he comes to a store that has TVs in the window. A gym commercial comes on and it catches his eye.*

Darkness: That reminds me, Kurtis, no, I haven't really worked out on one of those sleds before. Twelve hundred pounds, that's quite a feat there. There's just one thing wrong with that feat Kurtis? Do you know what that is? Well, let me inform you of something that may help you out. That sled you so perfectly pulled twelve hundred pounds on doesn't hit back like I do. I don't care if you can lift, pull, or push two tons, it's not going to help you if you're laying flat on your back. Think about that while you are working out again.

*Darkness continues down the sidewalk.*

Darkness: You're right Kurtis, I'm nothing more than a speed bump who's done more in this company than you can fathom.  Come to think of it Kurtis, we are more alike than what you want to accept. We are two of the three men to be able to beat Syndicate for the Undisputed championship. Just the same we both have lost that same title back to him. So you can consider me police tape or whatever but I will not be your stepping stone but instead, you will be my stepping stone back to the Undisputed championship as I send you back down to the television division where you belong.

*Darkness stops at a nearby taco truck and grabs a couple of tacos. He pays the man and heads back to his hotel room.*

Darkness: You know what Kurtis, I'm getting a headache and it is not from the concussion. Instead, it is from all the bull you have been pushing out of your mouth. Just face it, Kurtis, the revelation is coming and it doesn't stop for no train.

*Darkness enters the hotel and makes his way to the elevator. He enters the elevator and the camera fades to black as the doors shut.*

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