Revenge will be sweet

Roleplay Roleplay by TWIST
On Thu, May10, 2018 11:06am America/Phoenix
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Revenge will be sweet
The scene opens in the WWX locker room with Twist pacing and throwing furniture as his dog, Oakley, looks confused and worried about his master in crisis.

Twist: I was so close. I had that victory in my grasp. I was one second away from going to the Hardcore Championship match.
Twist notices the camera and looks directly into it.

Twist: Dragonfly!!! You listen to me!! This isnít over. Iím not done with you by a long shot. You have scored two lucky victories on me and I canít have that. I will not rest until I either defeat you or paralyze you. One or the other. It might not be next week or the week after that but I will be watching you and when you are least expecting it, I will pounce. I hope you win the Hardcore title. Because I will be more then happy then to beat the living hell out of you and take it. 

Twist phones rings.
Twist: What? Yeah? Him again? He owes me money. If he does not show up today with it, I will show up to his house and he wonít like that.

Twist notices the camera.

Twist: Get out!!!

Scene ends. 

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